June 14, 2021

a takeaway from a weekend in New Hampshire & a show update.

a takeaway from a weekend in New Hampshire & a show update.

My recent travels have taken me to beautiful places: picturesque mountains, old mining hotbeds and idyllic college towns, to name a few.

But what's the point?

Plus, I deliver some news about the future of the podcast.

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peace and love.


Good morning, everyone. Welcome to another episode of the Troy Farkas Show, a podcast that is not about me, it's about all of us, the twenties are a crucial time, right? And on this show, we navigate the highs and lows early adulthood together. Thank you for joining me again. I hope you all had a lovely weekend that you were with people you love that you did things that you love, because that is so important.

And, um, there's a bunch of things that I could tell you today about my. My last week, I last boat. Well, on Monday, last Monday, I had given you some morning thoughts from Portland, Oregon, where I was since back in Boston, was in New Hampshire this weekend. And so I do want to start there with what happened last because it's nine o'clock on Sunday night, east coast time here in Boston.

And I just went out for a walk and absolutely. Gorgeous evening, not a cloud in the sky and not completely pitch dark yet in that phase where the, the sun has set, but it's not completely dark yet. So, uh, rather than a Blackish sky, it's more of a, a lighter blue, a light blue and dark mixture. And so I just went for a walk and 70 degrees and it feels amazing sitting on, on the porch and thinking, as I was looking out at the sky, That the sky is beautiful, but it's not as beautiful as the one that I was looking at in Colorado or an Oregon when it doesn't get dark, dark until 9 45, 10 o'clock this time of year, there was something so majestically beautiful about looking out at the Rocky mountains, um, at night because when the.

Nighttime sky was this same bluish hue. You could see the mountains, you could see not the tops of them. You couldn't necessarily see the snow or the bare rock or the trees covering the mountains, but you could see just the outlines, the silhouettes of the mountains against sky. And it was breathtaking.

And I loved it. And I looked at those every night and felt a sense of serenity, of calmness, of smallness. Um, And it was just such an awesome feeling. And so when I'm here now in Boston and comparing the two, this Boston one, this east coast one is awesome. It's amazing. It's beautiful, but it's not Colorado.

It's not Oregon. Those are better. Those are more beautiful. But as I was sitting there thinking about the weekends that I just had, where I was in New Hampshire and the white mountains with. Um, six people, including me, one of them being my, my best friend in the world, his girlfriend and his roommates and their girlfriends, and just a really good group of really good people whose company I really enjoy.

And I like surrounding myself with them because I feel that they make me better in a way they, they bring something out of me that not everyone can. And, uh, there's this feelings of love and respect and a community there. In a group of people that I I've been searching for, something like that, I've been searching to be a part of, something like that.

And we had an awesome weekend. Um, Friday and Sunday, just hiking found a really cool spot in the white mountains. And, um, had a little campground was my first time camping. I know you would think that since I do all these outdoors things that I would have been camping a million times before, but as I've maybe mentioned before, Before I didn't grow up in the most adventurous family that I'm kind of a late bloomer when it comes to adventure and nature loving.

And so I just had never. Had the opportunity to go camping before. And so I was really pumped that I got the invite to do so this weekend. And so sleeping in a tent first time in a very long time, sleeping in a tent and watching it be set up and doing the whole fire thing, sitting by the fire, having drinks by the fire, making food over the fire.

Um, we went hiking on Saturday to had a really good hike. Um, with it with an awesome view, Mount Osceola in New Hampshire, it was great. I loved the process. And so it was a really good process going up the mountain, uh, probably at Heights nine, nine and a half miles in total. Way up and way down and, uh, again, really good food, really good drinks, including Willy super brief.

Who, if you remember, we had Nico and Rica is on the podcast a couple of months ago, the CEO, founder of Willie, super bro, the all natural. Hard seltzer made with real fruit, real ingredients. Unlike the artificial ingredients that you have in a white claw, in a truly in a bud light, a cores or whatever company is now making the seltzer.

So this is not an ad for really super brew, but it's so good. I especially loved the parent's sentiment and we were just throwing back some Willie's Superbrew the first time that I ever had it, because when I first learned about it in the west stage, just don't have it out there, but they have it in the east.

So we're throwing back. Willy's Superbrew, having a good time, listening to good music talking. Um, and just being together and I absolutely loved it. And so to tie this all back to me, just a moment ago, sitting on the porch, looking up at the sky, I'm thinking to myself that this sky is beautiful, but the Colorado sky is more beautiful, but is there anything really more beautiful than being with the people you love doing the things that you love?

You know, as you've listened to me on the show over the, over the last few months, just wonder about where I belong, where I should be. What, what tribe do I belong in? What community do I belong in? As I was out in Colorado, I loved it. I loved the nature. I love the people. I love the scenery, but I'm not necessarily sure if I'm one of them.

I'm not sure if I'm unique there. I'm not sure if I, um, If I can stand out there. I, I do think that I could make a life there, but I think it would be difficult. And I'm not sure how much I would truly love being that far from home or that far away from everything that I know and love. And, um, despite how, just how awesome of a place it is.

Is there anything more awesome than. Being by family than being by friends and having a years of memories with, with people. And then knowing that the opportunity is there to make years more. Of memories. So I'm still just kind of thinking about all of these things, because I do need to settle down in the new future.

I've loved traveling. I love seeing other parts of the country. I think it's educational. I think it's necessary. I think it's amazing to put yourself into new situations and to see how you do and to just to learn new things and to have a new sense of perspective. And I feel that I've gotten all of those things.

So that it can serve me better for when I'm at a time in my life when I'm ready to settle down more. And I think I did the right thing at the beginning of this year, quitting my job, leaving my home and just going somewhere else and just trying something else and giving it a fair shot. And I did that.

And I'm still not ready to make a decision on where I want to settle ultimately, but all of these things are just going into my mind every day. As I continue to think about it more. Now I'm not putting as much pressure on myself to make a decision because there's that. Absolutely no rush. I mean, I don't foresee any job things telling me that I need to be in a certain place.

I'm trying to keep things remote. I might not be able to have my way based on some opportunities that may or may not come up, but, um, in terms of. Wanting to settle down somewhere. I do want to settle down somewhere because I want to start building familiarity. I want to start building stability and routine, um, because those things are important to me.

And I love just making myself a part of a community. I felt that I did that in Connecticut, and I want to do that. I want to read the local news. I want to. Go to the same coffee shop over and over and over again so that they know me and that I feel a little sense of home there. I haven't been feeling that at all over the last few months and that, that I don't like some people are meant to be a little more nomadic.

I like being nomadic, but to a degree I'm ready to settle down and I'm trying to find where the best place to settle down is. And, um, Just taking in more information every day. And, uh, that's that, so it, it's kind of similar to five things I learned from Colorado podcasts that I did somewhat recently. And, um, it is more akin to that.

It's not where, but who you're with that really matters. And I think that's showing itself more and more every day. I had an awesome time this weekend. Conversely. Last weekend. I was in Portland alone. It sucked, I I've never disliked a place that I've traveled to more than Portland, Oregon, which is upsetting because I'd heard so many great things about it.

And I'm from the Pacific Northwest. And I mean, I was born in Seattle. I don't really remember it that well, but I always thought that I would have loved Portland. Uh, I just didn't, I didn't. Really like it at all, to be completely honest, maybe it was neighborhood that I was in. I was in the Northwest neighborhood of Portland, but I asked some locals and they said, yeah, Northwest Portland is actually a pretty cool area.

And, uh, it was cool. I mean, there were some really cool spots and really good streets. 23rd street was really cool, but. It was just pretty sketchy. It's pretty sketchy. I felt like I was, um, having to watch myself every time I turned a corner, there's a lot of homelessness there. It's bad. It's bad to the point that I feel uncomfortable and I feel sketched out and I feel unsafe.

And so I can say with full honesty, I never want to go back to Portland, Oregon, again, glad I went, but never want to go back there again. And I was there alone and it was hard. Um, Similar to other places that I've been alone. It was hard this weekend. I wasn't alone in that. It's a game changer. Um, so that's my thoughts for, for this episode.

So going forward on the show, I talked a little bit last week about what I envisioned for the future of the show. Just based on taking in information from you guys and what you guys like, you guys really like hearing from me and my stories and my thoughts. So I'm going to continue to do that, but not every, not every Monday, Thursday, the, the pace of show is right now.

I can't. Keep up with, especially with, with Kara leaving now, it makes it harder on me. And, uh, I've got some more jobs stuff picking up as well. That is really, really important for my future. And I need to really dedicate time thought and energy to it, um, because it's really important. And I. Want to make sure that it has my full attention.

So for now, we're going to go back to Thursday episodes with the interviews with the 20 somethings, the people who are out here, grinding people. I know people, I don't know, uh, really exciting people with interesting stories, people that are going through the grind, just like you. Um, we're trying to get better every day.

So I'm going to continue to talking to those people that has always been at the center of the show and it will remain to be that. And then every now and then I will drop in with my own thoughts, whether it's on a Thursday or a Tuesday or whatever. So one episode a week for now. And, um, again, we'll reevaluate because that's what we do in life.

Right. We constantly evaluate where things are, what makes sense for us. What makes sense for me? What makes sense for you? So that's what I'm doing. So I'll be back with a new episode on Thursday. The Troy Farkas YouTube channel, TheTroyFarkasShow.com. These, so these Monday essays that have been doing those are going to continue.

So starting next week, every Monday, there will be an essay up for you on the trailer park show.com. I just won't have it in podcast form. So if you really liked those, you can head over. To the website, they will be there. You can read them. And while you're there, you can check out all the other cool things that are going on over there.

So thanks for listening. If you liked this episode, please consider leaving a review over on apple podcasts. Tell a friend that you liked to show, and, uh, that would mean a whole lot to me. So I really appreciate you guys. Thank you for all your feedback. Thank you for supporting me. Listen to me. If you want to get in touch @thetroyfarkasshow on Instagram and TikTok, or @Troy_Farkas on Instagram.

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I don't care who you are. If you listen to my show, I care about you. Even if we're not that close, I care about you. So, uh, have a great week together with so many love, do something you love. Have coffee on my behalf, have oatmeal on my behalf. Um, establish some routines. Get outside. It's going to be a beautiful week, put on some sunscreen, of course, but, um, just do things you love.

That's something that I do every day, some days more than others, but, uh, it's really important. So that's, uh, that's my thoughts for this week. Um, this inside joke that I'm about to say this way I'm going to close the podcast is, is only going to mean means something to the group that I was with this week, but I told them that I do it.

So have a great week y'all. Live free, or die.