Sept. 3, 2021

big news: I've landed a job at the only company I want to work for.

In February, I left my job at ESPN, and vowed to never work for a big corporation again. 

That is, unless one specific company came calling.

Today, I've signed a contract at that one company.

Listen, watch and read all about it and let me know what you think.

P.S. Yesterday's podcast with guest Gabby Ianniello is out now, exclusively available on YouTube.


peace and love.


Good morning everybody. Welcome into another episode of The Troy Farkas Show, a podcast that is increasingly getting more about me, but it's really about all of us. My story. Are really a reflection of all of us going through their twenties because they are a grind. They're a crucial point in our lives. We do not want to mess them up.

We do not want to waste away. It's an incredible opportunity that we have before all sorts of real life responsibilities kick in. So thank you for joining me on this episode. I'm sorry for those of you listening, I failed to put out an interview. This week as I usually do, I totally fucked up a lot of new things happening in the new studio and the move.

There's all sorts of adjustments that I have to make recording wise that I didn't really realize. And so I made an absolutely amateur mistake and, uh, uh, the audio quality on my end was terrible and I have too much pride to put out a bad product. So unfortunately I just. Let it on the video side. If you want to go check out my conversation with Gabby Ianniello uh, it's over on the Troy Farkas YouTube channel, it was a really good conversation.

She, uh, if you are not familiar with the story, you can find her on Tik TOK. That's how I found her. She just came across my feed one day, which is the magic, the beauty of Tik TOK that like-minded people can just connect this way because I otherwise wouldn't have found her. And so her story in a nutshell is she's 20.

She was working on a corporate job and Manhattan this year. And then in February, she was like, you know what, fuck this I'm done. I don't need to do this anymore. I don't want to do this anymore. I'm burnt out. I'm being mistreated. I'm going to go out and go out on my own and do my own thing. And that's kind of where her story starts.

She's now launched a business around. Quitting her job. She now consults people and how to go about quitting their nine to five and building their ideal lifestyle. It was a really good conversation. If you are someone who is a young person and trust me, I know a lot of people, I have a lot of friends and I've been one of those people who just hates their job and we bitch and moan about our jobs all the time.

And we say, we want to get out, but we don't take any actionable steps to doing it. So we'd just keep it. Being in this self repeating self hating cycle. And it's a, it's a bad place to be in. And so Gabby is exactly the type of person who can help you get over that fear and just do it. I did it this year.

It was an amazing decision that I made. I'm super proud of that decision, everything that I've done since I've left my ESPN job, my corporate job, wasn't really a nine to five, uh, at all, especially. During the end there, but, uh, I hope you guys are all having a great week and that you can go check out that episode of the Troy Frank show, exclusively on my YouTube channel here.

I, um, I've got some big personal news to announce here and it's actually related to yesterday's episode because we were talking. Yeah. The corporate corporate world. And I asked Gabby if she would you ever get back into it? And she basically said, you know, not feeling it right now, but if the right thing came along yes.

And I have, because I've been doing so well on my end. Um, since I left ESPN at the end of February, I'm working with, uh, two guys right now whose podcast I do weekly three episodes a week, total for me, a lot of fun. And I'm starting off, uh, another side thing within, with another person that, that I care about dearly.

In addition to doing my own show here. And, um, you know, I've, I've wondered would I get back into the corporate world? And now over the past few months, I have worked with companies more so than just individuals. I've worked with religion of sports, which is Tom Brady's production company. I've worked with blue, white.

Which is this podcast company that is really, really making some, some headway in sports production in the last year there. I really like what they're about. And so I got to work with them and a, and an influencer named drew ski. He's a social media comedian. If any of you are familiar with him, I got to work with drew ski this year.

So that was really cool. And, uh, I wonder what I would I go back full time? Would I do the nine to five thing again? You know, except the job that offers you, all the benefits and the 401k and equity or health insurance and all that stuff. Because once you accept that you are giving up something in return, you're giving a certain number of hours a week.

You are giving, uh, your time. You're, you're giving a lot away when you agreed to do that. So I've been wondering if I would do that. And so when I left ESPN, In February. I said there's only one company, one company, one big corporation that I would go back and work for only one. Wasn't sure if it would ever happen thought maybe.

So I've been speaking to some things into existence this year. And so I just kind of said, you know what, maybe I could end up there and, uh, that day has come. Um, but before I tell you what I, I do want to read you this, this message that I received this morning, actually, I want to read it. It's from a fan, um, of the show that I used to.

Uh, work on at ESPN is called DC in Helwani hosted by Daniel Cormier, Ariel Helwani area, Hawaiians, the top MMA journalist in the world. Daniel Cormier is a two, two division champion. He's one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time. And so I produced their show. I was with Ariel for two years as with DC and Ariel together for one year.

And I absolutely loved working. On that show. And we launched it at the beginning of the pandemic when things were really dark when things were, um, you know, you're sanitizing your groceries. I'm out on the streets walking as I usually do, no pandemic was going to stop me from doing that, but I would have to.

When I crossed paths with someone walk like 15 yards, the other way to avoid becoming or to coming within 60 to them. When we all thought that this whole thing that we were going to be in lockdown for the next decade was a scary time. So we launched our show then to be. A distraction for people who were just, who were losing people who were getting sick or who were scared.

And that's why I love this medium, right. Is because we serve as a distraction. That's what podcasts is. That's what Netflix shows are. That's what documentaries are as well. Movies are this music is, it is all a distraction. It is all something for us to go to when our lives are crumbling down or when it feels like the world is crumbling down.

That's why I consumed my first podcast ever, because I was in a dark place four years ago. This time four years ago, I was alone depressed, lost, hated my life. Thought I was making a grave mistake, doing what I was doing, living in Connecticut, leaving everything behind. I hated my life. And it was podcasts, the things that were coming through my ears, the people that I was listening to that were getting me through my days that were inspiring me, giving me hope, making you laugh.

And that's why I love the medium. And so whenever I am producing a podcast, making a podcast behind the scenes for someone, not the ones that I'm hosting, I'm thinking. I need to put everything into this because there is someone who's listening to this who is getting something out of it whose life is being affected by this who maybe didn't want to get out of bed today.

But they knew that this podcast was coming out at 5:00 PM today and they had to download it the second hit their apple podcast feed. So I keep that in mind. I keep 21 year old me in mind. Every time I go to work from my closet every day. And so I got this message from a fan. Of DC and Helwani today. He tracked me down on Instagram.

I'd never met him in my life. And this is the beauty of it. You, you come in contact with people whom you never met. Um, he said, oh man, I'm so happy that I found you at the very beginning of COVID you Ariel in DC made my life so much fun. It was incredible. When Ariel announced that you were moving on to other stuff, I felt very sad as if I had a personal connection with you.

Only love brother. Thanks for the energy. With a couple of 100 emojis. I saw that message at 5:00 AM this morning and, um, you know, got a little emotional because it, things like that. Remind you when there's all the bullshit that you have to put up with that is just inherently a part of work. When all of that stuff comes up.

It's things like this that remind you of how lucky you were. To be able to do what I do. I love what I do and I don't take it for granted what I do. But of course there are times where like, oh gosh, this host is being annoying. Or they're asking me to do something that I don't think I need to do, or something happens.

Tech-wise like, they're just BS that all of us have to deal with in our jobs. Right. It's part of what work is, right. It's not all sunshine and rainbows all the time, but I genuinely love what I do. And for messages like. Because I know that the shows that I work on or bringing something to someone, and that's why I love this medium.

And that's why I am a reuniting with Ariel Helwani at the ringer. Uh, that is the company that I'm working for. That is the company that's, um, Is kind of like Barstool, it's kind of a more ups, not upscale, but less raunchy version of Barstool, same, same concept, a website that does a lot of stuff. Sports, pop culture, podcasts, films, great articles.

They do some really good feature writing and it was founded by bill Simmons, who is one of the greatest minds in sports media. He's the one behind the 30 for 30 documentary series that ESPN started making around 2010. And the ringer was bought by Spotify last year, lack of $196 million. Spotify paid bill Simmons for the ringer accompany that bill built just in 2015 or 16, I think.

So it grew a lot and it was sold in, in early 2020, I think just before the pandemic. And so when I left ESPN at the beginning of this year, I said there's only one big major corporation that I want to work for, that I would go back to work. And that's Spotify and it would probably be in the form of The Ringer because that's the sports arm of Spotify.

Why did I think that after the corporate world had kind of burned me out and, um, you know, had shown me that the ugliness of all of this, I said, you know what? Spotify is a 21st century. Value driven forward thinking companies are European-based European-based comp companies are always really well run in my mind to like, or they always have good values because they approach things differently.

Their app is great. We all use Spotify. I use Spotify. You use Spotify for lists. For listening. I love their interface. I love their app. They're making good changes to it all the time. And podcast wise, they've been making some huge moves in the space. In the last two years, they've acquired companies, Gimlet, anchor, um, who were podcasting companies, Spotify acquire them to make their own, uh, podcast processes better.

They went out and got the ringer. They signed Joe Rogan, the best podcast or in the world. A $100 million Spotify exclusive deal. They signed call her daddy and now it's cool. To a, I think like six year nurse, or I don't know, something $60 million deal, uh, for call her daddy, they've done stuff with the Obama's with Springsteen, with the Royal family.

Like they're just killing it in the audio game, especially in podcasts right now. And I love what they're doing. And so you want to be with the best, you want to be a part of the best. And I was, you know, at the best sports media company in the world at ESPN, and now I'm going to. In the, in the best sport, in the best audio company in the world at Spotify and ringer, um, you know, is a subset of Spotify.

And I'm so happy to be doing that because I'm going to be reuniting with Ariel. Helwani whom I loved working with at ESPN, who is a great friend of mine at this point, who was a great mentor of mine, who I looked up to, who inspires me, who was someone that, uh, you know, I tell everyone about it because he's such a good person.

He's got a big. Million a 1.1 million followers on IgG and on Twitter, he's the best at what he does. And so you want to be surrounded by the best at what they do at the best companies. And so that's what I'm going to be doing. What are we going to be doing specifically? Um, we're going to be covering MMA.

That's the sport that he loves, that I love. That's how we met. Um, we're going to be using this feature called greenroom. Spotify built this app called Greenroom. If any of you are familiar with clubhouse or Twitter spaces, this is Spotify version of that. It's a live audio chat room. So, uh, on Fridays before big fights, all the big fights are on the UFC or on Saturdays.

On Fridays before the big fights, we're going to preview the fight rent, uh, do a show during the way ends, which is when all the fighters stepped to the scales to officially make it. For their Saturday fights. We're going to talk about the fights were going to interact in green room with fans. 2000 people can join the green room live.

So it was just kind of like a big chat room where Ariel was talking. I might be jumping in every now and then as well. And I'll be kind of managing the comments and the listeners can come on and physically speak to us to ask a question or make the comments. It's a really fun way to interact with the fans.

And so we're going to be doing that on Fridays now, Saturdays, after the fights seconds, after the fight ends, literally after the second side of the fight ends, we're going to hop on green room. We're going to talk about the fights break down. What we just saw. Uh, all the big questions going forward. If something controversial happened, we'll talk about it.

So it's gonna be really fun. And then I will work my magic and publish the live green room as a podcast afterwards. So that if you were unable to join the green room, if you want to go to bed right after the fights and you don't want to stick around to the green room, I get it. But you can listen to it as a podcast, first thing in the morning.

So there's all sorts of green rooms. Like obviously I'm imagine cage fighting. Isn't a, when most of you are into, but there's green rooms for everything, for music, for cryptocurrency, for finance, for business, for sports, for video games, whatever it is that you're into, you can find something on green room or like a clubhouse, and it's a similar, similar deal.

So that's what I'm gonna be doing. I'll be joining the ringer. Um, I'm really excited and I'm really excited to. Again, be accomplishing something that I spoken to existence. It's one of several things this year that has happened, that I have spoken into existence. I'm going to leave ESPN. I'm going to move to Colorado.

I'm going to work with fighters, which I, which I have been doing. Top tier big name fighters. I'm going to work on my own show. I'm going to keep getting better. I'm going to keep working on my health. I'm going to go travel places and experience new things, going to do all that. Then I'm going to go settle down somewhere like I have now in New Hampshire, shout out to the studio here.

I've got my quote board right here, which I love. I'm actually gonna pull up a quick and see if there's anything that is apropos, um, to it. You know, here's one. And when you want something. This is from Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

And that is something that I think about often when I really want something like wanting to work for Spotify, the world helps me get there. Things happen. Timing happens like circumstances, change for other people. Like if you just speak things into the air, like I have so many times this year, they just come true.

They've just come true. And. If you're a good person with a good head on your shoulders, who's trying to do right by people. Who's trying to be the bigger person who's trying to get better every day and learn and learn from mistakes and own up to mistakes and be accountable and all of these good things, these good qualities that I've been trying to hammer down to you guys, and to myself, I'm not there.

I'm not perfect. I'm still working every day. I'm only 26. I'm not sure if I'll ever become the type of person that I want to be, but I'm going to try to get there every day. But I think it's the work, um, that I love. It's the process that I love. And I think because I'm speaking these things out there about the kind of person that I want to be, the kind of things I want to do, good things are happening for me.

I'm so grateful for that. And I'm appreciative of that. I don't take that lightly. I know I have a responsibility here to serve fans around the world of amazing global sport. I'm super excited to serve them, to help them too. You know, try to get more messages like that. Like I got today about trying to make the world a better place about trying to get people happier.

Just give them a distraction to give them something, to look forward to. If you're going through a breakup, if you get a bad grade in school, if you're failing at your job, if your mom is mad at you, if you get kicked out of the house, if something happens in your life, you can come consume a podcast that I work on.

And if you tell me about it, that means the absolute world to me. You can give me a greater conflict. Than that. So that's the personal news in summary, I'm joining the ringer, which is owned by Spotify. You can download the Spotify greenroom app. You can hang with us on Fridays and on Saturdays. And of course, I'll still be doing this show.

Love the Troy Parker show. I'd love talking to you guys. I love talking to other people about being young, about getting out. Love this shit. Love you guys, having a great weekend. I mean that live free or die. I'm rocking the hat right now. I'm talking to the YouTube audience right now as well. Have a great weekend.

Be with people you love, speak things into existence because the universe will help you get there. If there's something you want, say it out loud. This, do it, go for a walk, talk to yourself, look like an idiot. Like I always do when I'm talking to myself on the road and I pass by someone and then I just look away like, oh yeah, no, I'm not talking to myself.

Or sometimes I just totally leaned into it. I'd be like, yep, Nope. I'm actually talking to myself right now. So do that. Try not to look like a weirdo, but whatever it is that you want to do, you can do it. You can do it. I'm telling you, you can do it. You're a good person. Have a good weekend. And I'll talk to you soon.