Nov. 17, 2021

do it now, figure out the rest later.

do it now, figure out the rest later.

Oftentimes, we give up before we can begin.

We tell ourselves that we can’t do it. I don’t have the money. I need more time.

The truth is, that time may never come. But very few people realize that, and so when push comes to shove, we let fear govern our every decision.

We imagine what might go wrong, the people we’ll upset, the criticism we’ll receive, the hit our bank accounts might take.

Those thoughts prevent us from pursuing what we want, our dreams and the lives we deserve.

You can’t fall into that trap.

If you let fear take the wheel, you’ll never take a chance. You’ll never make mistakes. You’ll never grow.

And you’ll never reach your potential.

Nike has a point: 

Just do it.

Sign up for the subscription. Press play. Make that phone call. Take that class. Go on that trip.

And then figure it out along the way.

It won’t be perfect. It won’t go according to script.

But isn’t that what keeps life interesting? If all of our plans unfolded just like we envisioned, then where would the fun be?

The best adventures are the spontaneous ones, the ones that rock our world when we least expect them.

If you keep playing it safe, you’ll never experience that.

By overplanning everything, you’ll miss out on the joy of surprise, of learning on the fly, of adjusting and adapting when things go wrong.

We’re young. We don’t have much responsibility. Now is the time to take big risks, to put yourself out there.

If you don’t do it now, then when will you?

How can you enjoy the journey if you never start it?


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