Nov. 25, 2021

gratitude matters not just today, but every day.

gratitude matters not just today, but every day.

Today is a great day.

Yes of course, we all love gathering with family, eating amazing food, watching football and shopping online. It’s an essential day for all of us as we wind down another stressful year in a pandemic.

But let’s not forget the real purpose of this day.



And more gratitude.

Three times, yes, because it’s that important. Not just today, but every single day.

If you’re unhappy with your current life’s progress, you might have a gratitude problem. You take things and people for granted. You move so quickly all the time that you forget to appreciate the little things and the people that have gotten you here.

As my friend Jasmine said on the podcast in April, it’s very hard to be unhappy if you’re consistently meditating on what you’re grateful for. 

Since she said that, I’ve taken a couple minutes every single morning to write down three things that I’m grateful for. It might be an event that just happened, a physical object, a real-life observation or a person. 

Something, anything. 

Big or small. 

Good or bad.

The ritual of expressing thanks routinely has the power to change your life almost overnight. When you become more grateful for everything that happens, it becomes much easier to enjoy the process, to love yourself and to realize what all of this is truly about.

More gratitude, less suffering. It’s really that simple.

Not just today, but every day.

Grab a pen and a notebook and write down what you’re grateful for. Maybe you say it in the shower. Or you begin a gratitude text thread with a friend. 

The beautiful thing about life is that it’s never too late to start something new.

So why not start today?