Sept. 13, 2021

how kindness can change you: 5 for 5,000

how kindness can change you: 5 for 5,000

The following is a post from this week's special series, "5 for 5,000" where I'll share five lessons I've learned since starting this podcast a year ago, which has now received over 5,000 listens on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


At some point, we determined that “nice” isn’t cool. Or sexy. 

Can someone explain to me why? Why do we now favor toxicity over a relentless display of love and positivity?

It’s puzzling.

Because growing up, our parents and teachers preach The Golden Rules, telling us that kindness is king.

They’re right, per usual, and the lessons still apply to us as adults.

If you agree, then stop holding back your niceness. If others judge you and dislike you for giving too many compliments or using too many exclamation points in your text messages, then perhaps you should reconsider the opinions you listen to.

Because once you go all in on love and kindness, on empathy and compassion, you’ll become the amazing human being you were intended to be.

And then the right kind of people, the ones who deserve to be in your life, will come to you.

On your next morning walk, tell a stranger you like his shoes.

Tell your girlfriend how nice her hair looks today.

Comment on a random TikTok and praise the creator for his/her talents.

If you incorporate more practices like these into your daily life, the physiology within you will begin to change, and you’ll notice the difference.

Make it your goal every day to make someone else’s day.

And then you’ll discover one amazing truth about life: If you’re kind to others, they’ll not only appreciate it, but you’ll also hold your own self in higher regard.

If you’re down in the dumps about your life, like so many of us in our 20s often are, it’s best to turn your frustrations into compliments, not conflicts.

Positivity, not toxicity.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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