April 16, 2021

how to deal with online trolls: a takeaway from Jasmine Noonan.

how to deal with online trolls: a takeaway from Jasmine Noonan.

Yesterday’s episode may be the best one we’ve released in this podcast’s short existence. Jasmine Noonan, a former classmate at UAlbany, joined me for a wide-ranging conversation that young people everywhere need to listen to. If you missed it, you can listen or watch here.

So, she’s kind of a big deal in the social media world. With 29,000 Instagram followers and 35,000 TikTok followers comes the inherent responsibility of creating content for people that she’s never met before and will never come across in her lifetime.

Now, Jasmine is a beautiful girl. Even more importantly, she’s a beautiful soul. She possesses an amazing outlook on life and like me, she truly wants to make the world a better place and show other people “the light,” as she told me.

But despite her intentions, because some truly wicked low-lifes exist out there in the social media sphere, she receives lots of criticism on her TikTok videos. The comments, she says, can be “ruthless.”

Personally, I’ve dealt with online criticism from strangers before. I’ve read nasty comments from people who, despite not knowing my character, feel the need to lambast me. It would get to me. But then I’d take a look at this dude’s profile and see he had two followers. At that point, I knew his opinion meant absolutely nothing.

Jasmine said something exists within us where we feel the need to read the comments. We know they’re mean and disrespectful, but we do it anyway and we can’t quite explain why.

But when you start receiving comments in the masses like Jasmine does, you eventually stop reading them altogether (well, unless you’re Kevin Durant.) She refuses to let the trolls get to her; their hate can’t shake her confidence or image of herself.

“The people who are saying these things don’t know you. And all your friends and family would never say those things. I know that it’s not true...And if they did know me they wouldn’t be saying that,” she said.

She continued, “That’s a them problem. And I’m going to be over here staying in my gratitude lane and you can stay being a hater.”

Nailed it. 

All that matters, and all that should matter to the rest of us, is the opinions of our family, close friends and colleagues. No one else should occupy any of our precious headspace. We should never change ourselves to appease the losers taking the time to leave nasty comments on our social media pages.

And better yet, Jasmine chooses to pray for the haters, hoping that they can figure out the issues that compel them to write rude comments in the first place. She takes the high road, like the rest of us always should. 

Practicing gratitude is a daily habit for Jasmine. When she began writing down three things she’s grateful for every day, her mindset completely changed. It’s allowed her to appreciate everything she has now, which is what allows her to disregard the haters’ complaints about everything she doesn’t have.

And that, my friends, is beautiful.


You can follow Jasmine on Instagram @jasminexono and on TikTok @nasminejoonan. To watch my entire conversation with her, check it out here.