Dec. 20, 2021

it's OK to fall off the wagon.

it's OK to fall off the wagon.

As you go about your journey of self-improvement, it’s very important to remember one thing:

You will fall off the wagon every now and then. You will lose sight of your goals and the habits you’ve spent a lot of time cultivating.

This happens for all sorts of reasons. Maybe work gets really crazy, you get a new dog that you’re obsessed with, a romantic partner enters your life or, on a somber note, tragedy strikes your family.

In situations like these, it’s perfectly OK to abandon your health and wellness practices or your side hustle or your work goals. You should put more time into those interruptions because in the grand scheme of your life, tending to those events will have a bigger impact on your life than, for example, journaling for a whole week.

Perspective is everything.

And when those times do happen, when you do fall off the wagon, you can’t beat yourself up for it. You must accept that this is a natural part of life. Sometimes shit happens that’s beyond our control, that we couldn’t have planned for. 

The key of course, is to not let those interruptions get the best of you for an extended period of time. It’s OK to fall off, but only if you promise to get back on.

On weight loss journeys, you might be on your best behavior, eating a well-balanced diet and exercising every day.

Then something happens in your personal life, and you revert back to your old habits while you deal with the fallout.

And then when that period ends, you can choose to get back on the wagon, or to stay in your comfort zone.

Most people choose the latter, hence why a lot of weight loss success stories are few and far between, and why so many people fail at making sustainable changes to their lives.

In any situation, you can’t let that be you.

When things get tough, you must get tougher.

Just keep fucking going.