Sept. 14, 2021

let self-awareness determine where you live: 5 for 5,000.

let self-awareness determine where you live: 5 for 5,000.

The following is a post from this week's special series, "5 for 5,000" where I'm sharing five lessons I've learned since starting this podcast a year ago, which has now received over 5,000 listens on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Many of our ambitions center on traveling and wanting to see different places.

We plan European vacations, cross-country roadtrips and destination weddings so that we can fulfill these dreams of ours.

Some of us take it a step further by choosing to move far away from home. Sometimes, our jobs necessitate a move. But in the post-pandemic WFH era, personal preferences can also drive us to a certain spot.

Regardless of the motivation, the challenges of relocation remain the same.

As an adult, making friends is difficult. Digital dating isn’t for everyone. If you don’t attract others easily, a big move can lead to disaster. 

Mental health issues. Physical health problems. Sleep troubles. Substance abuse. Suicidal thoughts.

It’s all possible when you find yourself lost and alone.

That’s why, if you’re a young person dreaming of experiencing new lands, it’s important you first do some soul searching.

If you’re someone whom others gravitate toward, then go for it. You’ll do just fine.

But if you’re more insular, less outgoing, less approachable, then I’d suggest you think long and hard about a huge lifestyle change.

It’s not weakness if you decide to stay back.

Real strength lies in self-awareness. 

And real happiness comes from love.

So despite our admirable ambitions to live everywhere in the world, we must remember this:

It’s not where, but who you’re with, that truly matters.

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