Nov. 9, 2021

make the effort. always.

make the effort. always.

As we get older, we see our friends less often.

We get “busy” with our budding careers, Hinge dates, and all of the other things twenty-somethings have going on.

Because of that, we stop making the effort for the people we care about, often deferring to “next time” because next time will be more convenient, we tell ourselves.

But as reality often reminds us, “next time” may never come.

So you must make the effort now. 



Even if it’s inconvenient. Even if it’s expensive. Even if it throws off your routines or sleep patterns.

Because when we do make the effort, we never regret it.

To gather with friends, to laugh and love, to make new memories with people we already have so many memories with, is one of the most powerful experiences in the world.

So the next time you’re invited to spend a weekend with your college roommate, your sorority sister, your childhood neighbor, your old co-worker, please say yes.

Book the flight across the country. Take the train to the sketchy station. Wake up at 4 a.m. so you can get there on time.

Do whatever is necessary, even if it comes at a great financial cost to you at a time when money is tight.

The dollars will always come back, but the opportunity to create lasting memories will not.

And if you’re the only one that ever makes the effort, then so what? Who cares? 

All that matters is that an effort is made. If it ends up being you every time, then so be it. 

Stop making excuses. Stop getting so wrapped up in your own life that you forget about what’s truly important.

Relationships are essential to our happiness. And we must do whatever is necessary to maintain and strengthen them.

Never forget that.