May 31, 2021

nothing matters: realize this and your life will change.

nothing matters: realize this and your life will change.

Let me break this reality to you:

You don’t matter.

Neither do I.

And once you accept this, your life will change.

Take a look at the star-filled sky on a clear night. Those stars, tens of millions of miles away from you, light up the sky you see and the sky that someone in Australia sees.

We are so small next to that vastness, our day-to-day priorities so minuscule when compared to the responsibility of lighting up the world.

How about the mountains you drive by on the way to work every day?

Millions of years ago, something happened in the Earth’s core that formed those. 

Imagine a world without the highways and the restaurants and the shopping malls. Instead, picture lines of forests covering all that land.

Go ahead. I’ll give you a moment to visualize it.

That’s what the planet looked like for most of its existence.

Now, do you see it?

Do you see how small you are?

You’re a speck of dust on this planet. In the history of this earth, your lifetime is nothing.

Nothing we do matters. No accomplishments of ours will stand the test of time. None of our possessions will make it to museums. One day, we’ll all meet the same fate.

And then we become nothing once more.

Why do you care what others think of you? The people you want to impress also mean nothing.

Why are you staying in a job you don’t enjoy?

Why are you freaking out about this and worrying about that?

It’s all so small, so meaningless. 

And it’s the most freeing thought in the world.

Because once you get it, you’ll stop caring. You’ll live how you want to because you’ll understand this is your one life, your one brief moment on this Earth, and that you need to make the most of it.

That’s what really matters.

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