Feb. 28, 2021

so...I'm moving to Colorado

so...I'm moving to Colorado

If not now, when?

2020 taught us about the brevity of life. It showed brutally, repeatedly and unapologetically that the world doesn’t care about our plans.

This wakeup call led me to a new way of thinking: Memento mori. Or, in English, “Remember, you must die.”

This is not a cryptic message. No -- it’s a freeing one, cementing the idea that life is short. Because of that, we have to live for today. Now. Leave nothing to the future -- we can’t guarantee such a thing exists.

That’s why I’m going to Colorado.

I visited Denver in the fall of 2018, knowing little about the gem of a city that, for a long time, remained a hidden treasure. 

But these days, secrets don’t stay secrets. Like everyone else, I fell in love with the city.

How could I not? A block from my Airbnb sat Washington Park, with historic Denver University around the corner. The snow-capped Rocky Mountains dominated the city, almost mythically, like Mount Olympus in Athens. 

Everyone seemed so fit. So healthy. I saw my self on a group run in the park, or hiking with like-minded friends. And exploring a hoppin’ brewery scene, coffee shops galore, and more Guy Fieri-approved restaurants than a man could ever want.

Five days of exploration wasn’t enough. I promised myself I’d come back.

When my job frustrated me, I thought of Denver.

When I struggled making friends, I thought of Denver.

When the girl of my dreams crushed my dreams, I dreamt of Denver rushing to my side, ready to pick up my pieces.

And now, with nowhere to call home, and no responsibilities, it’s time.

I don’t know how long I’ll stay -- I’m aiming for three months. Long enough to experience the freedom of the great outdoors. Long enough to shift my life’s focus to...me: my health, my bucket list and most importantly, my time.

Recently, I’ve lost sight of those things. Sometimes, to move forward, I have to tear it all down first. 

Three months.

Or, maybe, longer.

Because when I fall, I fall hard.

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