May 14, 2021

my ongoing journey toward self-discovery: a takeaway from Goz.

my ongoing journey toward self-discovery: a takeaway from Goz.

On yesterday's podcast episode, Tom Goslowski, a former boss of mine, interviewed me about my career path and personal evolution. You can listen to it or see some highlights here.

I want to expound on something Goz told me near the end of our conversation. He said something several others have mentioned to me too: that I possess a level of self-awareness and maturity that's uncommon for someone so young.

I appreciate him for saying that, because I take great pride in the painstakingly difficult process of self-growth and self-discovery.

Since he last spoke to me in 2017, I've lived in several different places, worked various jobs, traveled the world, oscillated between times of happiness and depression, made new friends and lost old ones. 

Naturally, like all of you, I've evolved a lot in that timeframe.

But, I've also spent the last four years meticulously working to become a better member of society.

On my long walks, I talk aloud to myself, running through all the possible outcomes when faced with a tough decision.

When I'm at the brewery, I jot down my emotions in my journal, trying to make sense of them.

I read books and listen to podcasts about philosophy, entrepreneurship, and news so that I can better understand the world and how to succeed in it, and how to do right by others.

The path toward self-discovery is a long and often lonely one. And as I progress through each stage of my life, I know I'll have to continue reinventing myself. The things and people that matter to me today may mean absolutely nothing to me tomorrow. And that's O.K. That's life.

And isn't that the fun of it?

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