May 21, 2021

the most interesting person I've ever met: a takeaway from Nancy Aburto.

the most interesting person I've ever met: a takeaway from Nancy Aburto.

In the social media-driven 21st century, when everyone knows everything about everyone, Nancy Aburto remains an enigma.

A flashback to yesteryear, her sense of style is unmatched. Yet, her fashion choices don’t resemble the trends of today. Bangs, an often controversial undertaking for a modern woman, seem to work for her.

She speaks softly, but her words carry deep meaning.

She strides with confidence, but doubts herself within.

She harbors one of the most gentle and nurturing personalities I’ve ever come across and yet, she intimidates me.

This, of course, is because we exist in a world where we shape perceptions of ourselves by comparing our lives to others.

Her ability to switch between languages makes me feel uneducated.

With her daily runs and lifting sessions, my workout regimen feels flawed.

And with her thoughts on social media, which she refuses to have, I begin to question my own use of Instagram and TikTok, wondering whether my life would improve if I strayed from the platforms I now put so much time and energy into for this podcast.

How can she have that self-control? And why can't I match it?

I’m often told, especially by older people, that I see the world differently, much more maturely than most people my age.

I take great pride in that.

But then I talk to Nancy and I feel threatened. Like I'm not as far along as I believe I am. 

Hence why I love talking to her, and why I hope to continue catching up with her for years to come.

She challenges me. She makes me think. She forces me to view the world differently.

Ultimately, that makes me better.

And those are the types of people we need to surround ourselves with.

I want to leave you for the weekend with something she said about social media and why she doesn’t have it anymore.

“I just get distracted on a good day and depressed on a bad day.”

I feel like a lot of us can relate to that.

Have a good weekend y’all.

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