Nov. 19, 2021

the power of reconnecting with someone: a takeaway from Hilary Strano.

the power of reconnecting with someone: a takeaway from Hilary Strano.

It’s been a couple months since I wrote about one of my podcast interviews, so I thought I’d bring it back today.

This week, I spoke to Hilary Strano. 

I tell the story on the show, but I met Hilary in 6th grade when we were both new kids at Koda Middle School. For some reason, we started bonding and we developed a good friendship for the two years she attended Koda (I definitely had a big crush on her.)

Then, she moved to Kansas and I kinda forgot about her. As you normally do in life, you lose touch, but still hang on to some sliver of a connection with people from your past.

It’s that connection that made me feel comfortable asking Hilary to come on the show this week, despite the two of us not talking to each other in a decade.

And when we hopped on the mics, it felt like two old friends just talking about life. When we stopped the recording, we continued our conversation for nearly two hours, catching up on everything that’s happened in our lives in the past decade, telling personal stories and sharing different beliefs and discussing the immense growth we’ve both undergone since we last spoke.

It’s why I love doing this podcast -- it forces me to have conversations with people I normally wouldn’t have them with. When you put a date and a time on the calendar for a public-facing podcast, it lends a degree of urgency to the conversation. If it weren’t for the show, I’m not sure I’d ever take the initiative to catch up with someone like Hilary.

And as I look back on 100 episodes of The Troy Farkas Show, that’s been my favorite part.

I’ve rekindled friendships with some of the people I’ve had on this show. I’ve made new friends because of it. And best of all, it’s the digital replication of my absolute favorite thing in this world, which is sitting across from another human being at a coffee shop and peppering them with questions about their lives.

I’m not advising that everyone go start a podcast, but I would just like to encourage you to contact someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Instagram DMs, Facebook messages, LinkedIn messages, etc. are all great places to start.

I know it feels weird to randomly message someone like that, but you’d be surprised by how many people would be willing to hop on a Zoom or phone call or get together in person.

We’re social creatures, and we all crave interaction. That will never change.

And when you do get together for a conversation, you’ll feel amazing after it. Guaranteed.

I felt that way after talking to Hilary, and now I can’t wait until she and I do it again.

If you missed the episode, it’s here on YouTube, Spotify and also on this very web site.

Have an amazing weekend, y'all.