Dec. 3, 2021

the power of your imagination.

the power of your imagination.

The next time you get some peace and quiet for yourself, take a moment to dream big.


Disclaimer: This is your imagination. No one can tell you whether it’s right or wrong, attainable or unattainable, brilliant or stupid.

So think about a goal of yours, something you’ve considered for a long time, something that keeps you up at night.

Once you’ve identified it, paint an elaborate picture in your head.

How would you feel if you accomplished it? How proud would it make you?

Who might you tell the news to? 

Who would you celebrate it with? How would you celebrate?

How might this big moment change your life forever?

Dive into the random details. Select the kind of napkins you would use at the little party you’d throw. Think of the first item you’d buy as a present for yourself. 

Once you’ve spent this time exploring every corner of your imagination, write about your experience. Take handwritten notes in your journal or diary, or type something out in the Notes page of your phone. 

Save these thoughts somewhere you can access them easily. The next time you find yourself unmotivated to accomplish these dreams, pull out the pages you wrote. Try to channel that feeling of overwhelming happiness that first overcame you when you allowed yourself the freedom to dream big.

It’s a powerful feeling. Let it guide you. Let it guide you through the ups and downs, the early mornings and late nights, the panic attacks and self-doubt.

When it comes to accomplishing our dreams, we often give up before we start. We’re told they’re impossible, that we’re foolish for thinking we could ever get there.

They said that about putting men on the moon. They said that about building an airplane.

To quote the great Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

The same goes for you.