Nov. 11, 2021

the truth about accomplishing your dreams.

the truth about accomplishing your dreams.

There is no shortcut to accomplishing your dreams. The path to greatness is far more complicated than just simply showing up and doing a good job.

If you really want to announce your presence, show you’re serious, make an impact, then you’ll need to fully dedicate yourself in pursuit of that goal.

With that in mind, you must understand that there will be periods of time where you don’t sleep much. You might not eat that often. You’ll rely on coffee for sustenance. Your dishes will pile up. You might not shower one day. Your mind will feel like a computer with 87 open tabs. 

That kind of maniacal pace is unhealthy, unsustainable, and not recommended.

But sometimes it’s necessary.

And it’s on you to decide when it’s appropriate to go all out, and when you should take your foot off the gas.

If you feel the all-out method could get you one step closer to the goal, then you must do it. You have no other option if you’re serious about accomplishing it.

But if you’re presented with an “opportunity” that is unlikely to advance your career by any measurable amount, then you have to think twice. 

You might have to say no. You might have to disappoint someone. And you’ll have to accept that you passed up an “opportunity” in favor of your health and sanity.

It sounds “soft.” Weak. Especially for a young person, because who the fuck are we to pass up any miniscule chance of upward mobility?

Strength isn’t saying yes to everything and figuring it out.

It’s having the courage to say no when others will say yes.

Say yes when the grind is necessary.

Say no when the grind is unnecessary.

Maybe it is that simple after all.