Oct. 29, 2021

the real route to success.

the real route to success.

We like to believe the relationship between time and success is direct. That as time goes on, the more successful we’ll be.

But that’s not how life works.

In reality, the line on the graph ebbs and flows. It starts and stops. It moves backwards, forwards, and backwards again.

Once we understand this, we can let go of the idea of linear success, and then shift our focus to the process.

Instead of trying to hit a home run or score a touchdown on every play, why not go for some bunt singles, or a 6-yard-run that puts you in great position for a first down?

It’s not sexy. 

It’s not flashy.

It won’t get articles written about you.

But if you stack a bunch of singles and first downs on top of one another, you’ll win the game. Every time.

So focus on making a little progress each day. Find ways to get .01 percent better. Learn a new skill. Make a new connection. Absorb some new information.

If you stack good behaviors on top of one another repeatedly, the prize will eventually find you, and it will often come in a moment when you least expect it.

That’s how life works.

Once you understand that, you’ll never look back.