March 15, 2021

who are you when you're not working or partying?

who are you when you're not working or partying?

As we move through our 20s, the “work hard, party harder” mindset sums up how most of us approach life. We work hard at our jobs, trying to establish ourselves and impress those above us. With little outside responsibility, this is the time to grind it out.

And then, of course, we also love a night out.

Maybe we can’t pound as many vodka sodas as we once did -- or in my case, Fireball shots -- but we still take advantage of our youth while we can. Because we know a time will come where the pre-games, flip cup and walks-of-shame won’t cut it anymore.

But what happens in-between the work and play? When you’re not on the clock, when you’re not at the bar, what are you doing? Who are you then?

That’s where the real work comes in.

My own happiness hinges on my freedom to do what I love OUTSIDE of my job. I ran away from a good life, one I worked really hard to build, because I couldn’t fill my free time with my favorite things.

Taking several long walks a day wasn’t possible anymore. Waking up early to write was off the table; ditto for reading in a cozy coffee shop.

But by moving on, I’ve regained control of my life.

The question is: Have you?

Have you identified what you love to do in your free time? And have you created the space in your Google Calendar for it?

Because it’s those activities that push us through the anxiety, the worrying and the doubting. These actions give us the reset we need to tackle the scary adult world.

My favorite hobbies: exercise, exploring, creating things, supporting local -- these are non-negotiables for me. I must set aside time every day for them or I’ll burn out, a vicious cycle that so many of us fall victim to.

Every. Single. Day.

Because it’s in these moments where we’re given the space to tackle who we actually are. We are not our jobs, and we are not what Instagram says we are on a Friday night. We are the in-between: the 7 p.m. on a Tuesday, the 2 p.m. on a Saturday.

Who are you then?

If you don’t know, go find out.


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