Oct. 24, 2021

why young people need minimalism.

why young people need minimalism.

Minimalism is not what most assume it is: white walls, eating cereal with a fork or driving the same ‘94 Chevrolet you got on your 16th birthday.

In essence, minimalism tells us to strip our lives down to what’s most essential, to ask ourselves questions about what and who we need in our lives.

In asking these questions, we discover who it is we truly are, what we truly want and what we truly stand for.

And in this most ambitious phase of our lives, in this era of 24/7 social media-driven comparison, we want so much.

More money. More fancy vacations. More followers. More views. More likes. More comments. More responsibilities.




But have you ever considered wanting less?

Less distraction? 

Less responsibility?

Less negativity?

To make room for the right amount of more?

More time.

More positive interactions.

More money, because you’ve stopped buying useless shit.

If that sounds enticing, then begin asking yourself tough questions about your life.

Take a look around you. What’s weighing you down? What’s adding unnecessary stress? What’s collecting dust? What person or possession isn’t serving its purpose anymore?

They’re tough questions. Their answers involve soul-searching and maybe some difficult conversations.

But we must ask them.

The less you have now, the more you will have later.