Oct. 11, 2021

you are not alone.

you are not alone.

Starting the conversation around mental health will be the flagship achievement of our generation.

Before us, these conversations hardly existed. People bottled up their feelings. Men were afraid to be seen as “unmanly,” women as “too emotional.”

And now it’s all changed.

Of course, critics and naysayers will always exist. They’ll criticize us, saying we’re “soft” and that we need to toughen up.

Obviously, that’s ridiculous.

Because at some point, we’ll all deal with mental health issues. Some struggles are more severe than others. Maybe they’re just a blip on the radar, or maybe they’re drawn out over longer periods of time.

But all of us go through it.

All of us.

Even when we’re ostensibly “successful,” we still have low points. Ask famous musicians and actors. Or Silicon Valley titans. And professional athletes -- the supposed “tough” guys and girls.

When they speak out about their issues, it helps. They show that it’s normal for our mental health to ebb and flow. That there’s good days and bad days, happy months and sad months.

That it’s O.K. to not be O.K.

That we’re not alone.

More than ever, we must remind people of that. 

You never know who it could help.