Oct. 20, 2021

you don't need a fancy title to be a leader.

you don't need a fancy title to be a leader.

You don’t need a fancy title to be a leader.

You’re in your position for a reason. You got here because of hard work, the right education, strong parenting and years of good decision-making.

You are capable. 

You belong.

So if something upsets you at work, or if you feel a situation could be handled better, then speak up. Take the lead, even if your job description doesn’t say you can.

You must be a person who gets things done, no matter your rank or the number on your paycheck. So talk to the right people. Take some chances. Send emails. Be prepared. Don’t just whine about problems -- offer real solutions instead.

You can’t sit around waiting for someone else to make a change. Because if you never do anything to interrupt the status quo, then who will? And how will the situation change?

If you fail to speak up, if you remain complicit, then you’re culpable in prolonging the problem you’re complaining about.

So don’t be like everyone else. Don’t leave actions to others. You have an incredible opportunity to leave your mark, to make your impact known, to send a powerful message to those “above” you.

That you are just as capable as them. That you’re worthy. That you matter.

And you don’t need a fancy corner office to prove that.