December 09, 2020

Kelsey Davis, 23, on saying no, being real & our unique friendship.

Even though she annoys me, she’s my best Connecticut friend. Kelsey joins to discuss her untraditional upbringing, teenage regrets, weight loss success stories, why we need to stop comparing ourselves to everyone and much mor...

December 06, 2020

Tell people you love them.

"If loving too much is my biggest flaw, then kill me now and let that be my legacy."

December 01, 2020

Remembering Deanna Rivers w/ Alyssa Szalowski

On the 8-year anniversary of the day that changed so many of our lives, Sizzy and I look back on DeeDee’s life, lessons we’ve learned since 12.1.12, why we could use more people like her and Chris Stewart, and so much more. T...

November 24, 2020

Alexandra Hernandez, 25, on Self-Care, Traveling & Staying Positive

Alex, a lowkey big influence on my life, joins me to discuss (sorry) our transformative study abroad experience, how she stays so positive all the time, her YouTube channel and the power of journaling. Plus, the Cali girl on ...

November 23, 2020

Happy Birthday Deanna

On what would be her 25th birthday, I talk about my friendship with Deanna Rivers.

November 18, 2020

Ben Ryan, 24, on Music, Media Career & Public Perception

My TV star friend joins me to talk about our shared passion of music and also our similar professions. We discuss getting taken seriously, the changing media landscape, balancing our public and private lives, the importance o...

November 11, 2020

Christina Capobianco, 24, on Successful Habits, Financial Planning + Top 5 Corporate Phrases

The future POTUS and I discuss how the pandemic will change corporate America, the importance of investing early and how she tries to not put too much pressure on herself to succeed. Plus, C and I go into business together an...

November 08, 2020

Lost on a Hike (Again)

After another spontaneous decision to go hiking without a map leaves me stranded, I talk about my love of adventure while hitchhiking on some weird road.

November 06, 2020


This sucks.

November 04, 2020

Taylor Hennigan, 24, on City Life, New Passions & #SaveToads

The future Instagram star (and dear, dear friend) joins me to talk about her unique living situation, newfound interests she discovered during quarantine and the unexpected reason she wanted to be an occupational therapist. P...

October 28, 2020

Kevin Beynon, 24, on OU Memories, 518 Friendships & Finding Balance

KB, my elementary school best friend, recalls his time at OU and also explains why he’s not a traitor for now living in Dallas. Plus, we discuss why our friendships from the 518 are so strong, Kev’s 21st B-Day Bash, duck hunt...

October 27, 2020

Breaking News: Jake Hicks Finds New Path

Three weeks after telling me about his business ventures (selling fences, solar panels, vending machines and possibly getting in on the CBD craze), Jake reveals the latest step in his crazy journey. And it’s not what you expe...

October 25, 2020


A quick story about how a random act of kindness just made my day.

October 23, 2020


I talk about my inability to relax and why I feel we should say no more often.

October 21, 2020

Elizabeth Sibson, 22, on Guiding Hikes in Montana & Why You Should Vote

E. Sib, sister of my best friend, tells me all about her experiences sleeping in the family van this summer and lessons learned from a few months in New Zealand. Plus, random questions involving DMB, FMK and naked strangers. ...

October 16, 2020


The past 12 months have been very difficult for me, for reasons other than the craziness happening in the outside world. Today, I talk about my path to recovery.

October 14, 2020

Lindsey Rokjer, 24, on Nursing in a Pandemic, Social Media’s Problems & Moving to Boston

My favorite AIM buddy tells me about her time spent on the front lines early on in the pandemic. Then, we bond over summer memories, working overnights and the unhealthiness of social media. Plus, a story about why her boyfri...

October 07, 2020

Jake Hicks, 24, on (Almost) Moving to China, His Personal Evolution & Selling Vending Machines

In a conversation that’s truly all over the place, my longtime basketball teammate tells me about his new outlook on life, modeling, why his college basketball career didn’t pan out the way he hoped, his entrepreneurial ventu...

October 05, 2020


I don’t deal well with failure, and so I talk about that today.

October 02, 2020


I talk about the awesome feedback I received from my chat with Liana. Plus, I discuss future pod plans and how good it feels to be putting stuff out there again.

September 30, 2020

Liana Jiampetti, 24, on Delaying Her Wedding, Quitting Job + Upstate Ice Cream Takes

My lifelong friend, who was supposed to marry the love her life in late July, tells me about the pandemic's negative toll on her mental well-being and also why she eventually decided to move the biggest day of her life back t...

September 28, 2020


On another night of sleep deprivation, I give my thoughts on the perils of sleep deprivation.

September 25, 2020


Random thoughts while walking on a beautiful Friday morning.

September 23, 2020


I'm Troy Farkas, a 24-year-old podcast producer currently living in Connecticut. In this podcast, I'll have introspective conversations with myself and my friends about the many doubts and fears, dreams and aspirations that a...