Aug. 5, 2021

Ex-roommate Amanda Foster on bodybuilding, raising pigs & the perfect Hinge profile.

I reunite with one of my favorite people on the planet to revisit our joint decision to leave ESPN and Connecticut earlier this year.  Also on today's episode, Amanda I talk about a BREAK-IN that happened at our house, her odd Arizona childhood AND she helps me build the ideal Hinge profile to get me ready for my upcoming move to New Hampshire.

Amanda Foster is a 24-year-old who currently lives in Gilbert, AZ. A graduate of Arizona State University, Amanda has already worked professionally in California, Indiana, Connecticut and Arizona. Now a teacher of media studies, Amanda has spent time at both ESPN and FOX Sports in TV production. She loves country music, baking, lifting weights, traveling and more.

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Memorable quotes:

"It's like a relationship...You miss it so much, but then your brain just forgets about the bad moments. So I forget all of the bad times at ESPN. I did cry a lot about it and it was so hard for me to leave that world because it's all I've known, but I love teaching. It's very rewarding so far." (17:08) Amanda on her decision to leave ESPN to become a teacher.

"Don't try too hard. Plain and simple. Every guy says the same thing. So be different without trying too hard." - Amanda's advice for guys using Hinge (34:33).

peace and love.


Good morning, everyone. Welcome into another episode of The Troy Farkas Show, a podcast that is not about me. It is about all of us because the twenties are a crucial time in our lives. And on this show, we navigate the highs and lows of early adulthood together. Thank you again so much for joining me and thank you all for the tremendous feedback that I got on last week's episode with childhood friend NBA player, Kevin Huerter, lots of views on YouTube.

Lots of listens on all the podcast platforms. So grateful that people tune in to listen every week. It's still amazing that my name is on a podcast and that people listen. So I have all of you to thank for that. And I hope you guys are all doing well. If you're having a tremendous week and doing all the things you love.

One of the things that I love doing is talking to my friends. And one of those people joins me on the podcast today. A very special guest. Amanda Foster is a young woman that I. In the summer of 2019. Now she came into my life via my other friends in Connecticut. Uh, Jake and Connor, Jake. Tessa who's Connor's girlfriend now.

And Amanda all met one crazy night in Hartford, Connecticut. Naturally, I wasn't there because I wasn't in Hartford at that specific moment. But, uh, I later came into the fold and this kind of became the little group that we had and Amanda and I really started to click. And when it came time to. Finding a place to live in June, 2020 my lease was up.

Her lease was up. We were both living alone at that point. And we were like, ah, we're going to be working from home for a while. We're both getting lonely, doing this whole, uh, solo, not going into the office. Oh, there's a big virus going around. Oh, the world is ending. Let's move in together. We made it happen.

Saw a couple of places. We ultimately landed on this beautiful townhouse in a good conference. In Plantsville, Connecticut, which is one of my favorite places on earth. I was just there a couple of weeks ago, visiting and I absolutely loved living with Amanda. I was hesitant about how it would work, but, um, It was great.

And there were so many days and nights where her and I just bonded and we talked and we did stuff. We, you know, we, we went for walks or we went out to eat or we had friends over or she and I went somewhere together and it was so much fun. We, we, I, I truly enjoyed it. And it's a shame that external circumstances, jobs primarily forced us to leave each other earlier this year, but both of our lives.

No, we needed to make some changes. And we were saying on our way out the door, basically, like we wish we could take this place, this townhouse and the roommate situation together where we're going. But unfortunately we were going to different places. So it's a shame of blew up because it was the best living situation I've ever had.

And I absolutely loved living with Amanda getting to know her. And we just vibed to know there were no romantic relations or anything of that. We were just friends, but we did act like we were married. Our neighbors thought we were married. Our neighbors thought we were a couple everywhere. We went, people thought we were a couple, so we played it up and then we would talk around the house like, oh honey, can you batch me though?

Whatever. And it was a lot of fun and, uh, she's just such an awesome person. You're going to find out why she's so bubbly and smiley and wants the best for everyone. Um, so I'm really excited for you to hear it. If you want to go watch it instead. It's over on the Trey Farkas YouTube channel. So without further ado, here's my conversation with the amazing Amanda Foster.

You were the best roommate I've ever had. It will I, you exceeded my expectations. I will never, for as long as I live, have a roommate that right. Bake like you, that has great music tastes that knows the proper times to leave me alone and let me do my thing. It was absolutely awesome. And I also must thank you because without you, this podcast would not exist because you so graciously lends me your walk-in closet for a couple months there.

And let me a book. In your little closet studio. There you are. One of my favorite human beings. You the best baker on the planet and just one of the sweetest people I've ever met. So thank you for joining me and thank you for everything else that you've done. How are you? No flattery. I am so taken back by.

No, I'm good. Thank you for that. I'm so happy. We have the chance to try and you know why I choose. I lived alone a lot of my time. So I was, and not only did we all kind of agree because originally it was three of us, you know, so you not only were about to live with me, but also like quite the counterpart, Laura, who would have been quite the sidekick.

So you were in for a crazy time already. But I think it was enough to handle it as it was, but it did help. Baking is the key to any person's heart and my eyes. So I do think the candy nuts helped. I read that and you get stressed out because I know that you would come home at 3:00 AM, who was the peanut butter in the fridge and go to town on that.

So we had ourselves a time. We truly made the most of what we were handed. So we're all about honesty on this podcast. Uh, I welcome anyone to come on the show and to fully criticize me. So please right now, tell me my worst qualities as a roommate. Like what annoyed the shit out of you? Like it's totally fine.

I, no, I don't even think anything. You would roast me a lot. I think you roasted me alive. Well, you're going to initialize. You never initialize, but I come down and be like, man, I look terrible today. I need to be like, yeah. Yeah, you do. Thank you. Try. But no, I honestly think it worked out super well for us because we were both morning people.

We both love fitness. Um, we both on the health, although I will say for a while there, we were not, I think we had a lot of similar viewpoints and you didn't mind me ranting at all, which I did quite a bit. Um, we both loved the documentaries, so like that was quite the time once we got into the, uh, what was it?

Was it a Greek Roman, Roman emperor. All baby. Yeah. So I think that we honestly had a lot of similar qualities. I can't say. Like, wow. That was a terrible time. Um, you were there for a break-in. I was there for breaking. You saved the day. I might not be here today. Had you not saved it. I fully thank God. I went to Boston.

Thank God. I made the last minute decision to go to Boston and come home at three in the morning and not spend the night. So, so what, what's the story? There? Let the listeners in here, what happened? There was a man who was a man, you know, a girl's in love. I love love. And he tells me to come to Boston.

What was it like nine o'clock, 10 o'clock at night. I'm not sure. It's a two hour drive though. Two and a half hours. So I say, you know what, screw it. I knew that I was planning on leaving to go back to Arizona soon. Probably was, she goes mad again. So I'm like, let's do it on my way though. Passing my best pals of dramas plays.

And I'm like, Gemma, I know it's 10 30 at night, but like come to Boston with me. And she's like, you know, why or why not? Same vibe, same drive to Boston. We don't even get there until like midnight. And you know, I tell the man, okay, I'm here. 10 minutes later, I'm more on the way home.

She takes me up. And then, yeah, that's when he was so crazy, it took us like a week to figure out what actually happened in our apartment. So I roll up, I parked the car and I see our front door wide open, which like. Try you are about like weird hours of the night doing for you do like three, am I seeing you at 10:00 PM?

I've seen you out like truly every hour I'm seeing you working. So I was like, I don't know, maybe he's on a walk. Like he always does that three eight. And uh, but then sure enough, I text you and I don't get an answer. I'm like weird. I call Reagan, Hey, stay on the phone with me, which is like classic horror film.

Something I shouldn't have done, like, let me go see what's going on. I'm walking around our place, but everything was there. You know, our TV was right there. Wasn't stolen. It, wasn't taken and sure enough slowly you wake up and, uh, yeah, one thing led to another Wanda's car broken into and yang. Sure enough.

When I pulled up, they were unlocking it and they saw my lights and mountains. And who knows what? I don't even want to think what would have happened if I did not roll up out that very, truly at that moment, because he came to find out that the neighbors had security footage. They had some security camera.

And about a week later, The neighbors welcomed me into their home and said, Hey, you got to check out this footage. We found out what happens. And there was a car that was just in the picture. You could see it. And there were a couple people wearing hooded black sweatshirts, the class. Robbery scene happening the classic outfit, and you can see them going into different houses.

You can't really see what they're doing. It's not that zoomed in, but you can see there's obviously something nefarious going on here. And, uh, yeah, they came in our house. Didn't take anything. They stole stuff from the neighbor's car or raped a little havoc in the neighbor's car. And yeah, we, we caught them.

For the next 48 hours, we were pretty terrified. Like I'm not going to lie. I was pretty scared. I, I put a baseball bat under my bed and he know how, I just love to like shadow box around the house. Like I was ready to throw hands if needed. No you not only, but a baseball bat that you also has the cast iron skillet.

Ready to go. And do you remember the idea? I have my pepper spray in my pocket and ice under my pillow. We were fully prepared to fight this man or a woman we don't know, uh, at any day. Yeah. There's many great stories to come out of that time at 45 Carter Plantsville, Connecticut forever has my heart.

That's another podcast for a different day. I want to talk about you because there's a lot going on in your life right now, as you referenced home is Arizona. Born and raised Gilbert, Arizona. I went there a couple months ago, had a grand all the time. I loved Gilbert. I see why you love Gilbert and speaks so highly of it.

Oh, why you hated Connecticut? I get it now. Uh, but a lot of things have been happening in your life. You were in the sports industry with me. We worked at ESPN together. That's how we met you. Go back home. You think you're going to get out of the sports industry I'm done with this. I'm going to go follow my heart, get into teachings.

What you've always wanted to do, but then Fox sports. ESPN is competitive. Comes calling and says, Hey, we've just opened up a brand new national facility in Tempe, Arizona, where Arizona state is 20, 25 minutes away from Gilbert. So it just like, well, all right, I can't turn this down. I have to take this. So let's put my dreams on hold.

Let's do this. And then I see a photo on Instagram a couple of weeks ago saying peace out, Fox sports, and people saying congrats. I'm like, wait, what happened here? Amanda, take the floor. What happened? Yeah. Yeah. And that was the plan. I was like, you know what? I am done with sports. Not that I don't love sports.

I do. I was done with the lifestyle that sports was giving me. And I just wanted to focus my on my other passions, you know? So I came back here and I also was done with kind killed winter. That last one was enough for me. Um, but yeah, once I got into it, I said, you know, what? If I were to get a job in sports in Arizona, I'd probably like it a lot more because at least with my time constraints, I would see my family, you know, a half hour away, it would still be fine.

It wasn't the hours still stocked. I was still a little overworked and, um, Old high school, this multimedia position opened up and sure enough, I didn't have to go back to school for it. Um, I career technical education class. So as long as you have the experience in the field, you actually didn't even need to go back to school, which was one of my main concerns when going into teaching.

So yeah. Honestly, it checked every single box. And I don't know I had to choose one or the other, and it was such a tough decision. Um, because people wise, I made so many close friends at Fox in just that short time I was there. Um, and a lot of whom have been helping me out a lot in this class, multimedia and film.

That is what I'm teaching nine through 12 and I love it. The kids are so. They're just so intelligent. One is the I'm so impressed with how much they know and just like how much they self-taught. Um, even today after effects, my kids were like, Ms. Foster, come look at this graphic. And I'm thinking it's going to be like a word art type of thing.

And no, they were making full on animated graphics. And I was like, whoa, like, how did you learn how to do that? I dunno, I just started like playing around with stuff and they're just like, it's just so intriguing to see. We have cyber security here too, is a lot of my kids are taking cyber security classes and I dunno, it's a lot more fulfilling than sports.

I want to talk about that because a criticism of today's youth is that. They're all online, so much they're in front of their screens so much that they don't have any people skills that they don't know how to interact or that they're so insular now that they can't really like think beyond a screen.

They don't know how to physically communicate. Some of those criticisms are probably fair, but what this all does is give them the ability to be super creative and to be able to Excel in classes like these. So would you say that the kids in your class right now, we're probably more far along in this.

Scale field for lack of a better term, then maybe you and I were just, you know, eight years ago, right? A hundred per second, like without a doubt. And you know what? I actually went back on my hard drive from college last night and to pull up some projects that I did to show them. And I was like, oh my gosh, I don't even want to show them these because their projects are better.

They are so talented. And just because it's one thing after another, in terms of innovation, I will say their social skills. Aren't what I've noticed. It's their patients, their patients. Significantly decreased. And if they don't get something right away or can't figure out an answer right away, that's where I noticed they start getting angry and upset.

And it makes sense because the technology that we have now is so instant and you literally have every answer in the Palm of your hand now. But when I take away that you can tell they don't know what to do. I mean, you're not that much older than these kids. They're 24. What is, what is it like teaching kids that you're only like 6, 7, 8 years older.

Yeah, it's weird. Especially my seniors are like 18 and 19 and I'm only about six years older than them. I don't know. I think of it like think back to when you were 17 or 18. And so where you are now, even though that age gap is enough far, I think what happens in this specific age gap is so significant that it.

Apart from, let's say, I don't know, a 25 and a 30 year old. I feel like 18 to 24 is really where you're figuring out what you like and wants you. Don't like, it is weird for sure, but I enjoy it. I feel like, especially in this class, it's important for them to have a teacher who understands the technology that they do have in their hands.

Instead of maybe someone who grew up with black and white television. I would say, I know about what they're talking about or, you know, they're like, add me on snap. Like I know what they mean. And I feel like they're more willing to learn from a younger person in this type of context than an older teacher.

I can see that. Do you foresee this being because you've changed jobs a lot. You've had several jobs where you've lived in so many different places. In the last few years, Chicago, LA Bristol, Connecticut, Hartford, Connecticut, back in Arizona. Do you think what you're doing right now, where you're doing it is the move

I've gone back and forth in the past week about John, because now that I am teaching and you know, my freshmen are saying this foster, like, are we going to have you all four years? Like. Whoa, four years is a commitment kids in news and in sports, like, you know how it is like, well, luckily I was on like bigger markets because I was working at a network, but yeah.

It's pretty common for you to move year after year. And it was not like that hearing that does terrify me. And, um, no, but I love it. I do see myself being here for a little while, at least, um, I will say now that like college football is coming up and like everyone's starting to get excited and I'm starting to see the promos on like, oh, like I miss it so much.

And it's sort of like that relation to when. Quit or stop playing your favorite sport. Like you miss it so much, but then you like, your brain just forgets about the bad moments I leave that's for me, what happened? So I forget all of the like bad times at ESPN and you can have ties. Like I did cry a lot about it, and it's so hard to like, Leave that world, because that's all I've known, but I love it.

It's very rewarding so far. And you know, it's only been two weeks, but I can already see like the changes and stuff. And I'm excited. Yeah. You, me, Connor, Jake, Tessa, those, those are our friends from ESPN. We always joke about how, like you can leave ESPN, but it never leaves you. Like, I feel like we'll somehow some way get pulled back in someday.

Totally against them. I hope I do hope I get pulled back in. Eventually. I just hope it will be on my terms as time. And it makes sense why it was miserable. It's ESPN. You can pick any single college student in the entire world and say, do you want to work here? And they'll say yes, for sure. You know, if they're in journalism.

And so it makes sense, but it's quite scary and odd. You would know because you didn't even have a job leaving. It's such a scary. Thing to leave something that, you know, in love, you know, like we love sports and we love talking about, but my lifestyle has completely changed now. And I am just so excited for the future and my breaks and traveling and just doing things I want to do more of that.

I never had to choose so happy for you. I'm so excited for both of us and everything we've got going on because I remember beginning of January, we're essentially crying on the floor. All right. We've decided that we're leaving. We don't have jobs lined up. We're moving out of Connecticut. I don't literally don't know where I'm going to live.

Like what state I'm going to be in. You're going back home. Don't know what you're doing. And we're like, are we making a big mistake? Should we not be doing. I was finding out at the moment we both were freaking out. And I specifically remember stepping in on the day that I was telling my manager putting in my two weeks.

And I texted you saying, I don't think I want to do this anymore. And I remember sending that text you and you were like, you do, like, it's just a fear. You do want to leave, you know, and like we again did the pros and cons about dang. And so I put in my two weeks, and then I remember you sending the same message to me when you did the same thing.

And you're like, I don't want to leave. I don't think I want to, like you do it right now, or I'm so happy with how both of our lives. And we got lucky, like we really did get lucky. You know, I'm happy with how both of our lives have panned out since like we've done a lot since January. It's crazy to think that we haven't even been a year yet.

And I'm not sure. I'm not sure if either of us would have taken that big step without one another's support, honestly. No. Yeah. I don't think I would have. Very thankful for that. Thankful for you. I want to talk about Arizona because I was introduced to your Homeland a couple of months ago as I've been bouncing around the country.

Now I didn't think much of Arizona before I had been there. I just assumed it was desolate desert, like so hot that you can't go outside, which is true in the summer, but. It was beautiful. I mean, the mountains are everywhere. I didn't realize it was mountainous as it was. And they're a different kind of mountains than the ones that I've always known in the Northeast are just different.

And there's just a lot of cool towns and cities and lots of great Mexican food and a bunch to do. And I loved Gilbert, Arizona, and you speak so highly of Arizona and I didn't really believe it was so great until I actually went it. Is that great. Uh, can you just kind of describe for me what life growing up in Gilbert, Arizona was like, Guillory has changed so so much.

And you, luckily you saw downtown, which is my favorite part and how downtown hasn't really changed. Um, restaurant wise, I've kind of upscaled everything, but like the look and the feel is still very old, but yeah, it was an old farming town. It was, uh, the old hay capital of the country. And so, you know, growing up, I was around a whole bunch of farms and even growing up, you know, I raised pigs for money as like a young teen and stuff.

And it was just such a good time. And even now that it's expanded, just, I mean, we have so many people, I think it was like the third or fifth. Growing city in the country last year. Um, but you really do still get that small town feel and everyone here is just so friendly, you know, that's the biggest thing.

That's the biggest thing that I miss is like going into the grocery store and, you know, I've sort of sorry here. Sorry. Looked at it as like some negative, like a weak thing. I feel like, like, people are like, don't say, sorry, makes you look weak, but it's just a friendly gesture here. You know, even if you don't know someone walking down the aisle, you'll be like, oh, Hey, like how's it going?

And yeah, growing up was just great here. Um, lots of friends, lots to do as your there's just so much to do. Um, and I think that we get like bits and pieces of America, like the great arts of each of them. That's what Arizona is. And you're so close to everything too. You know, we did day trips to Mexico or Vegas or California and flights are super easy and quick to hop on.

And I just, I love the family. Feel. You speak about Arizona. I got to know. And the listeners to this podcast. Predominantly from the Northeast that don't understand the way you grew up. You gotta tell me more about this raising pigs thing and how you went to cow camps in the summer. I got to know what all that I feel like everyone has heard of like four H and FFA, you know, so I really was like, um, future farmers of America and four H is the smaller program of that when you're not in high school.

So you would take your. The baby peg and, you know, raise it, you learn what quality food is, how to make quality me and, you know, take care of the animals, anything else. And, uh, you would go to shows or showmanship and then there's market. So showmanship. Honestly train. You're probably like I would have to walk my pig.


that's crazy 15, 20 minutes a day to train that. And you've taught them with a stick on the right to go left and left to go. Right. And then the craziest part is like learning how to shave that. It's like, maybe this is why I'm into bodybuilding. I don't know. But you learn how to make their muscles look better for the market.

So shaving them, oiling them up before shot. How their stance should be. And then once they're up at their weight, which I think is like around 240 pounds, you take them to the state affair and you auction them off to whoever wants to buy that quality. And they know that you took care of this animal. It looks good.

You know, you can tell him, you can make some good money off of it. You know, like a lot of times they go for a $24 a pound, but you have a 240 pound pig for a 13 year old. Like that's quite a bit of money. It was such a good learning experience about, you know, responsibility and taking care of it. And, you know, really just like the meat process in general, I feel like especially now, like there's a lot of hate towards, um, but this was showing how it's supposed to be done.

Correct. You think I can pick up chicks if I take my pig out for a walk and fortunately get yourself a mini pagan. That's like the new trad. Absolutely. Yeah. Put it on a leash and the low craze. It's so funny. We'll talk more about, uh, dating and girls in a moment here, but I do want to ask you about, you mentioned this bodybuilding, so this is something that.

I've never really met a bodybuilder or someone who aspires to be in a bodybuilding contest. You say it's, it's quite popular where you're from and that a lot of your friends do it and that your brother does it. So, uh, can you just kind of explain to me why you wanted to get into this? And I know it's been a long process years in the making the pandemic complicated things, your, your moves across the country have complicated things.

What has this journey been like? Where are you onset? Yeah. Oh my gosh. I can talk about this for like, you know, that, um, already think I got it. Just being a gymnast. I would lift a lot and going to the gym with my dad and brother growing up, I would lift a lot. And the older I got, the more I noticed. Um, I was lifting a little, quite a bit more than the other females.

And actually quite recently, as of about two weeks ago, I found out that I have PCLs, which is, um, I would say like an under-researched disease that you don't really know about yet, but what it does is you actually have super high levels of testosterone in your body. And so this whole time I'm wanting, like why I'm lifting a lot more.

Like my stature is really good first figure, which is one of the, um, Categories and bodybuilding, and it kind of makes sense now with this PCLs diagnosis, but, um, yeah, my brother started getting into it and it just like pushes you a lot mentally and yes, I'm strong. I'm naturally very strong, but mentally I'm, the discipline is where I lack and bodybuilding, you have to be a hundred percent disciplined and that's, and you've kind of seen that when I started this really hard in what November, you know, I went from.

I mean, quite honestly, drinking, like every night to not at all, you know, even on new year's. I think I had the single set when we gave our toast, you really have to be a hundred percent disciplined and that's what I love about it. And that's why I think it's so special. Not everyone can do it truly that, and, you know, waking up and doing fasted cardio, going to work, and then going back to the gym for another two hour lift, um, while also making sure all of your meals are perfectly measured, you know, grams or ounces, and also getting all your water in and vitamins and supplements like it is, it's like a second job truly yet.

And I just it's really special for the people who do it. Um, so like I said, yeah, I'm kind of. The pentatonic and the moves kind of put a wrench in everything. So I was on what we call prep. So we have prep. We have off season in bodybuilding. So prep is when you're cutting down for a specific competition.

That's when you slowly lower calories, you wrap a cardio, you're getting lean. And then our off season is when you know, you're at your healthier state, you're eating a lot more. You're doing less cardio. You're getting into like heavy lifts and building muscle. So in November is when I started my. For a show that I was doing in June.

Yeah. I stuck to it, but slowly we, we kept dropping calories, adding cardio, dropping calories, adding cardio, bodybuilding. I think people get bodybuilding and health confused. Um, And I'll dive into like a little bit of that after I finished the story, I guess. But, um, so my health was kind of diminishing obviously as your body gets more and more under the stress and pressure of cutting down and we weren't sure why I wasn't cutting down.

And this is like the frustrating part of bodybuilding is you really never know how your body's going to react to everything. Um, So I decided to pull out of the competition about a month beforehand because I wasn't going to step on stage, not looking my best. And I knew I wasn't going to look my best at this point.

I wanted to get healthy, wanting to repair my metabolism again. And then that's when I got my blood work back. And, uh, we did some like ultrasounds too. We just knew something was going on. And then that's when I got this PCLs diagnosis is polycystic ovarian syndrome. And, um, you get it. It's very hard for women to lose weight with it.

For some reason, your body really it's almost like being diabetic, your body doesn't metabolize carbs as well as other people. It's a metabolism disorder. So it makes a lot more sense why I was working so much harder than let's say my brother, who, for example, he just had his last show two weeks ago and he was eating.

He didn't do one bit of cardio and she had like a cheat meal up until the week before his show. Where for me, I had my one cheat meal in December and then it wasn't until April I had another. So this is something that PCO is something you've always had or recently developed. Yeah. Yeah. No. So you do always have it, but, um, it goes undiagnosed a lot of times because the symptoms are so similar to other things like fatigue is a big symptom.

I'm in my twenties. I work really weird hours in sports. Um, you know, like caffeine consumption. Doesn't always work because you, you, you got me on the coffee chain. A lot of symptoms are, um, just misled. Something else. So it wasn't until I finally got like a full panel and they actually had to do like an ultrasound to see assess in my body at that I was finally diagnosed with it, which I'm super happy that I was, um, it's not, it's pretty much like the worst thing that a bodybuilder could want a female bodybuilder could want, because they're really, really, really hard to lose fat from it.

Um, but it doesn't make it impossible. So, hopefully right now I'm in my repair phase or my maintenance phase, and we're going to try to grow a little bit more and just get my body back to healthier levels. And then, um, we'll see. But I'm guessing next summer is when I'll probably do my next show. I want to enjoy my holidays and you know, I haven't missed out on all of that last year, so I want to enjoy my holidays.

Enjoy my birthday. Yeah. Cause I was wondering, cause what is it? How hard is it for you? Cause it, it takes extreme discipline. You know, when your friends are going out or there's some special occasion, there's always a special occasion of some sort and you just kind of got to chill on the sidelines and can't have as much fun as you would like to.

Yeah. At first it was really, really hard, you know, especially that first like half hour where everyone's pre-gaming and getting in and they're like, come on and take a shot with me. And it was really, really hard. Um, but honestly, when you learn who your true friends are, the ones who are like. Come on. Like, don't be like that, like just drink.

It's not that serious. I don't, they're not the people who I want to really associate myself with or they're the people who are like, oh, I wish you could really drink, but like good for you. Like, don't have another step. Like if I see you, I'm going to be upset. Like those are the people who I want to surround myself with.

Um, and now, you know, Luckily, like my friend's scandals are kind of crazy too. I really don't go out too much. Um, especially cause I'm so new to teaching, but it is hard, but it's worth it in the end. Yeah. And quite honestly, my bank account has thanked me for the lack of drinking that I have done. Yeah. I, uh, I gotta hand it to you.

I was so impressed because it is like a second job. Our meal prepping for five days in advance, chicken, rice, broccoli, repeat, repeat, repeat, and just being very diligent about it. And so I commend you for it. Like, I think I'm disciplined, but you take it to a whole new level. What's respect to you on that.

You are disciplined. You are a very disciplined, right? Everyone who knows you the top three, if they had an in three characteristics, one of them would be health, you know, but I think that's what I was kind of getting into when people think body, but those aren't the same. They're not the same thing because quite honestly, bodybuilding at a certain point is unhealthy.

You know, once you get down to that four to eight weeks before your show, It's unhealthy body fat levels. And, you know, especially for females, your metabolism really gets destroyed from it. And, uh, you know, yes, we eat healthy, but the pressure that we're putting our bodies under is not. And you know, you're healthy though.

Like you eat whole foods, you get your greens, you get your fats, carbs protein. Um, and we do too, but you just live a more. Um, what's the word more livable, maintain them on that maintainable. Yeah. Like I, you know, people say, oh, I'm going on a diet. I'm going to do this, this and this cut out this, like, I don't die.

It's just my life. Right. And you shouldn't buy it. I hate that word maintainable. Um, Yeah, maintainable health is a great word I would use. Yeah. So it was, uh, it was another reason why it worked out living with you. All right. So, uh, you are so good in the dating game and I mean that in a, in a complimentary way, like guys just love you.

You're so good with words, you know how to work the room, like, you know, everything, you're so good at it. And I admire you for that. I've seen you out in public and just like, you have a way with words, you have a way with guys. So I am envious of you because I'm now trying, not that I want. But I'm trying to a next phase of my life here.

I've been out of the dating game for awhile. You know, all about this. Hasn't been my thing, but I think when I moved here to New Hampshire, uh, next month that I want wanna, I want to get back into it. I think, I think I'm about ready for it. So I know. The dating app scene is the way to go these days. It's not my preference, but it just kind of unnecessary, evil these days.

So I want you to help me build the best hinge profile that I can, that would set me up. Obviously there's Tinder, Bumble, a couple other ones I've surveyed around hidden seems to be the one that people liked the most that people have the most success on. So we're going to go, we're going to roll with hinge.

So I guess I just want to ask broadly what is the most important thing on hinge for a guy to get, right? Like what pulls you in as a female? Not trying too hard. Like plain and simple, not trying too hard. And I think that's like the cliche, um, oh, I'll download hindrance. Maybe we can make a run together.

Um, you know, why is so funny that you say that? Because me and my best friends actually started coming up with a list of crunchy things that guys do on TV.

Yeah. It's like, well, you can't see it, but it's like quite the list. Um, The whole, like name one word to describe, like, I don't know, posting pics of cars. Some girls hate the fish pick. I mean, I don't only because I'm like a country girl. Um, but I know some girls hate that. Um, what is that when you ask the questions when ask the questions, there's some of them.

Every guy says the same thing too. So I think it's being different, but not going out of your way. Try Hart different, you know? Okay. So let's, let's talk about the photos, cause that's obviously an important thing, true or false. It's okay. To have a photo with other people. Yes. Here's my ideal dating setup.

First photo of yourself that someone else took. Okay. So like not from an event, so like not a graduation, not a wedding. It shouldn't be a group photo. I should know exactly who you are and have the image be clear from the. Second photo, I think is really important that you have with your friends or your, you know, I would say more than another person, uh, like a group of guys, because then it's like, wow, okay.

This person is social. He has guy friends. Like he's more normal. Um, no pictures. If you love photo of a girl and you like scribble the girl out, Absolutely not like, why would you do that? So let me ask about that. So as you know, I have way more girlfriends than guy friends and all of these girlfriends.

It's completely unromantic, obviously a random stranger doesn't know that. So is it okay to post a photo with another girl, even though it's strictly. If it was just one girl maybe was like your last photo. Yeah. And I don't even think that it would be any girl being like, oh, that's his girlfriend, because hopefully you want to be on the app.

If you had a girlfriend, that's not the case for everyone. But I think it would still just kind of be like, Ooh, Who is that like, girls are just kind of crazy. It's our curiosity starts, you know, make it your last one. Don't make it a priority one though. Gotcha. Okay. And then there's of course, all of the, the little specifics about, you know, you should put your height, you should put, uh, what you're interested in.

You know, the section I'm talking about, like related to drugs, like political beliefs. Is there anything in there that I should just completely stay away from? No, I did not. One's a pretty safe one because honestly, a lot of the times, like, I honestly, well, I don't have hinge right now, but when I did, I looked at that section a lot.

Not that it was a deal breaker, but as a Catholic Republican, if I saw someone was an atheist liberal, I own anatomy kind of knew even if we were, you know, friendly towards each other, it probably wouldn't work out long term. You know, we just have completely different beliefs. Probably two different lifestyles than two.

So I think it's honestly important to put that you should put a photo of like activities. So maybe you hiking, you want a mountain, uh, you know, that's what you love doing. So that would be like a good third photo. So establishing photo friend's photo activity, photo. And if you have like family or a dog or, you know, something like a little extra, that's a good one for like the fourth and the love that that's doable now, I don't take selfies.

So this doesn't apply, but for general public, like no selfies in there right now, some of these are just not ideal. The selfies, the scratching out of other people in the photo. Um, the mirror pick this one. I haven't taken it back since seventh grade. You wouldn't be surprised. Try really? Why are we doing this?

I don't know, but I literally, me and Jenna want to make this like a business because I'm not kidding you. If I just started swiping through profiles, it's like cringey and you know what? We all know the fence. I'm going to hit the fence because I know for a fact that I do have some posts because I sometimes can't believe my eyes and I feel bad for these men, you know?

I don't know. I just want to want to know what goes through their brain that it's okay. Uh, you know what usually talks to Reagan too, cause she does go on it in St. Louis. Fantastic. I actually want to have Reagan on the pod. This is your best friend. She seems to be a very fascinating person and I would like to get to know her.

She is quite fascinating Dow for sure. Um, okay. This is an example. They've got a profile, just an unnecessary profile. Um, this is Jake he's 27 years old. I'm not sure what city I was in. Um, I once lost the needle in a haystack and found it every day is my lucky day. I have a bachelor's degree in hugging any masters in cuddling.

This is a big, this is a huge one. Cuddles kisses. Doggos humans with the double owl two, not Jones, boops, the dog boobs or the snooze. No, none of those words, you know what I'm talking about? Oh, okay. Um, it's like a lot of things with like dogs. Like people will say like, oh, that's such a cute dog. Or like, let's get them a nose.

Boop. I don't know why that's like an instant. If you were a 10, you were a four. All right. So this is my hinge profile as currently is I haven't touched it in a while. And so I honestly have no idea when I last did this, but I'm going to go through the questions that I have up right now and you can assess.

Okay. All right. So the, the first one. Change my mind about, then my answer is taco. Because I don't like tacos and every girl seems to like, talk about tacos on him. So it's kind of a strategic, like most girls like tacos. Here's an excuse for you to like, talk to me to tell me I'm wrong about tacos. I think tacos is acceptable, but for everyone else.

The classic answer that I always see for that one is pineapple on pizza. That's over, done. Changed my mind about pineapple on pizza over done. I think tacos is fine because I'm like, wait, what? Like, what do you have against tacos? I like tacos. I just think they're vastly overhyped. So I think it can be a conversation starter perhaps.

All right. I'll know. It's time to delete hinge way. I find a girl who loves morning coffee, as much as me, is that too cringy? Cause I mean that, but are these answers supposed to be funny or serious? No, I think that one's kind of cute. You love see that's the thing. If it was just some guy who actually doesn't like coffee, I would say.

No, absolutely not. But you genuinely like love coffee roastery on beans and everything. So that's totally, no, I think that that's actually kind of cute. I'm impressed. Yeah. And you know, like sitting across from another human being, having a cup of coffee is like my greatest form of intimacy. Like I love them.

So that's kind of what's going on. Example for wrong answer for that one is I know it's time delete hinge when I found my future. Ex-wife I see now. Yeah, that one's just over done and just like not funny anymore.

And then this one, I don't really know what a simp is, but I feel like this might be a simple answer. So a social cause I care. And I mean this, but it kind of sounds like suck, like I'm sucking up, uh, treating women with respect and dignity, which I believe in, but that kind of sounds like lame, right? Yeah.

It felt like that's kind of like the try hard route in my opinion. Yeah. Like I would just read it and be like, Hm, do you have some ulterior motives here? Like, I don't know which I know you're genuine, but. Yeah. Yeah. I would have to change that to an activity or like, I forgot what the other questions are, but maybe something about what you like to do for fun or something.

Let's change it on the fly here. Let's see how I do this. Uh, first round is on me if.

If it's fireball


well, I will finish building out this profile. I will take it to New Hampshire with me. I'll give you a status report, a weekly status report to see how I'm doing. Then once you actually get into a conversation, you've baited a young woman in you've matched whatever. Then what? Cause like that's what, because I hate the artificial forced conversation that all of this is like, you know, I like conversing with people because I think I've struggled in the past on dating apps, because like, I want to skip all the steps.

Like all of the talking over texting, I'm like, all right, we've exchanged three messages. Let's meet in person. Cause I don't want to do that. Okay. Yeah. So the best way I think girls are just very cautious because we don't like serial killers. It's never an awesome thing. I think you're on the right path.

I knew to get the bait, to get off the app, as quick as you can, like get each other's numbers or Instagram, like as quick as you can. And then from there as a guy, you should say, Hey, are you free Thursday night? We should do this at this time. If you're free, like, we need to know what time when, where, um, perfect example.

Some guy on a Saturday asked me out. I said, okay. Um, he said, let's do like roughly nine o'clock. I'm like, all right. He lives a half hour away. So at like 8 45, I was like, I'll be respectful of his time and leave now because he lives so far. Got there, um, nine, 15, ask him where he's at. And he says, oh, I just starting getting ready right now.

I'll be another half hour. Oh immediately, that's going to be a note from me. Yeah. But then he calls me 15 minutes later and says, so what do you want to do? It's nine 30 at night on a Saturday. I'm a female. I mean, I'm old school though. You know that you're like, you should make all the plans and girls don't like making decisions.

We're indecisive creatures. So if you can tell us what time, where, and just ask politely, if you're free, then that's the most success. Yeah, you never want to ask like, oh, I don't know. What do you want to do? It's better if you come at them, whether you think they'll like it or not just come at them with a plan and all of the specifics of that, they don't have to think.

Just tell them, Hey, show up at this time and we'll have it. Hundred percent and ask them a million questions when you meet up because girls like talking about themselves. Okay. I'm excited to take this advice and, uh, let you know how it goes. Amanda, thank you so much for joining me. I wish you all the best of luck with this teaching job that you still like it in three weeks.

That your body's doing well, that you're not dying in the Arizona heat. And, uh, I wish nothing but happiness for you. You are awesome. And I know we're on opposite sides of the country, but I'm excited for whatever this is in the future. I'm excited. And I ended up on the east coast and was pretty sure.

Thanks for having me.

Thank you, Amanda, for having me build the perfect Hinge profile. I'll keep you updated on the yes there. And thank you for joining me from the school that you are now teaching at. For those of you listening, you can not see that, but she was joining from her school. And I remember so many kitchen conversations where we were talking about our careers and our paths and our futures, which is what all of us are so concerned about.

All the time. And teaching was a thing that she had done before. Um, before she got to ESPN, she was doing some teaching and she had gotten almost through a fifth year program or a master's degree. Didn't finish it, uh, in Arizona, the way that the teaching standards are, she didn't need a teaching degree.

Her experience, as she said was good enough. And I'm so happy for her because this was the thing. She knew she was going to do. At some point, she was just kind of scratching this, the sports media itch as well. And honestly, I can relate. The first thing that I ever wanted to do was be a teacher. I was inspired by my middle school, male teacher, Mr.

D, who? I think we've mentioned on the show before he made me want to be a history teacher. And that was the first thing I ever did. Or that I ever wanted to be. And that's why I was a history major in college. People are amazed when I tell them what I do now. And they're like, oh, what'd you study in college?

Like, yeah, I was a us history major and they're dumbfounded by that, but I just love history and I love teaching and I've always thought that that could be something for me. Uh, I don't anticipate being in the business that I'm in now for forever. Not at all. I've never envisioned that for myself. So I'm just kind of not in it for a long time, a minute for a good time.

And then when that, when that good time is over, when it's no longer fun or fulfilling for me, I do want to get into teaching. I don't know if it will shake out that way. That's the only other thing that I've ever really wanted to do. So th those are the dreams. Those are the plans. We'll see how they shake out, but I'm so happy that a man does getting to live out her version of her dreams right now in Arizona, where she loves, you know, I have a complicated relationship with home.

My hometown. I love my hometown, love where I'm from my school, the people, but, um, it's just not for me. As I mentioned to Josh Rultenberg a couple of weeks ago, I just feel like I want to go and do my own thing and stretch my wings and take chances elsewhere. Whereas Amanda's has done that. And she's perfectly content going back home because it's her favorite place in the world.

And there's nowhere else that you would rather be. So it sounds like she's happy teaching, living, where she wants doing the bodybuilding thing, which is amazing. She looks amazing. She is super disciplined and I'm just so proud to call her a friend. And I can't wait for how our friendship will develop over time, because I know this is one of those friendships that like, it's not going anywhere.

I can just feel it. Uh, when I went out to Arizona a couple months ago, we got together trip to Sedona and night out in Gilbert. She showed me around Arizona state's campus. She is a, hopefully a lifer and I'm super grateful for her presence in my life. And super grateful for all of you who have listened to our reading stuff over on the

I've got a lot of blogs, uh, on there recently about my interviews or about various other things that don't make it onto the podcast, just because I love writing. And I've been really getting into a rhythm over the last few months, spending my mornings writing with my cup of coffee right next to me. Uh, it's my favorite thing in the world.

I love the solace of the muscle. And writing and not being bothered by other people and just focusing on it. So if you want to go read any of that stuff, it is over on the tray Farkas, where we have a full archive of all the podcasts, episodes, blogs, all that good stuff. You can leave reviews over there of the show as well on apple podcasts.

Thank you for everything you do. And I have another guest next week, but until then have a great weekend. Do what you love? Catch up with a friends, get a cup of coffee, do some writing, do some, self-reflecting play a sport. Go out on the water. I went kayaking last weekend. It was wonderful. Go hiking. Tell someone you love them.

Send someone a card, write someone a card, whatever it is that you want to do, do whatever makes you happy. I'll be back on Monday. I'm actually going to be out in a van in the middle of the woods, in the Catskill mountains this weekend. So I'll leave you with that. I'll tell you about it on Monday until then have a great week and yeah, peace out.