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Love this Pod

This podcast is one of few that feels REAL. Troy delivers advice and words of wisdom as if I’m talking to a friend. The guests he brings on are all super unique and I never know who he’s going to host next, which keeps things interesting. Plus, featuring his friends (normal people in their 20s!!) is a breath of fresh air amongst the millions of pods with celebrity/famous people interviews that don’t necessarily resonate with me.

Wish I had this pod in my early 20s!

I’m about to be 29, and all I can think about is how great it would’ve been to have this podcast in my life in my early 20s! Either way, I’m glad it’s in my life now!

Offers key insights on living your best life

If you like podcasts, I highly recommend adding The Troy Farkas Show to your list of go-to shows! The topics discussed are relevant to each and every one of us trying and striving to live our best lives amidst the complexities of the 21st century. Whether you prefer longer interviews with everyday people discussing their jobs, lives, and hobbies, or shorter, thought-provoking musings on life, this podcast may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Give it a listen!

Remarkable Podcast!

Troy is such a cool and down to earth dude. His years at ESPN have molded him into a super-slick podcaster with lots to say and inspiring stories from both himself and his guests. Couldn’t recommend more.

Very insightful!

Really enjoy this podcast! Full of optimism, which we all need, and great guests that help 20 somethings navigate life’s challenges! A must-listen!

awesome podcast!

i look forward to listening to this podcast every Monday and Thursday! it has great advice and content for people in their 20’s navigating early adulthood! you definitely want to tune in for it!

Amazing stuff

I love listening to this show every Monday. It gives me the pep in the step I need and then I love hearing about the host and his journeys and the journeys of everyone he has on.

I enjoy every episode!

I tune in regularly for this show! Something everyone in their 20s should make sure to consume.


As someone struggling through their 20s, this re-enforces the idea that I'm not in this thing alone. Great listen.

Well done Troy!

Great content. Unique raw and authentic. Looking forward to future episodes of this podcast

Love this

I was always a big fan of TST’s tips on Ariels show. So I checked this out and love it. Makes me want to do better. All the motivation without the cheesiness! Good luck in Denver TST!


I love how this show digs deep to find the positivity in everyone’s lives. This podcast will challenge the way you think and inspire changes in your lifestyle.


Insightful and smart

Troy Farkas Show

Listening to this podcast makes me so happy!