Aug. 9, 2021

some morning thoughts after living #VanLife for a weekend.

some morning thoughts after living #VanLife for a weekend.

I was supposed to go to Philadelphia this weekend, but then I decided to rent a van in the Catskill Mountains instead.

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Good morning, everyone. Welcome into another episode of The Troy Farkas Show, a podcast that is not about me, it's about all of us. The twenties are at a crucial time in our lives. And on this show, we navigate the highs and lows early adulthood together. Thank you for joining me, everyone. Super pumped to be talking to you today because I just want to catch up what's up.

How are we doing? I hope you had a great weekends that you got outside, that you did shit that you loved, that you were with people you love. You were out on the beach that you were by the water, maybe doing some kayak and some paddle boarding, maybe just boating around. I am craving a good boat sesh. So if any of you have a boat out there and you want to invite you for the weekend, hit me up.

I'll still be in upstate New York for a little bit, but I'm down to go anywhere. And I'll tell you about some of my travels in a moment, but I hope seriously that you guys all got to have fun that you are ready for the week ahead and that you are ready to dive into the self-improvement journey alongside.

That all of us, that, that I'm talking to you about, that my guests are talking to you about on this podcast, on the website, all that good stuff. So truly thank you for being here and thank you for, for being you and giving me your time. Uh, several times a week. So thank you for that. Uh, I'm not doing well, guys.

Uh, I'm not gonna lie. So I I've been wanting for a long time. And when I say wants, I mean, like I say that I want to, but do I really want to, because if I really wanted to, I would have done it by now. I want to give up coffee. You know how I feel about coffee? You just heard me tell Amanda Foster last week that sitting across from another human being.

With a cup of coffee, just talking to each other, diving deep into each other's stories. And what's going on in one another's lives is my greatest form of intimacy. Like that is more than sex to me at this point. I just love that so much. It's why I love this podcast because it's essentially just having a cup of coffee, kind of mimics that vibe, just talking about another person, getting to know them.

And so I love that and I love part of my morning routine every morning is. Waking up. I brew my coffee to set, you know, if you're not a coffee drinker, you can basically schedule out your coffee to brew at a specific time. So I set it to brew pretty much around four 50 to 5:00 AM every morning. And then I wake up, I wake up so excited.

I jumped out of bed. It is still dark. Everyone is still sleeping. You're still asleep. And I wake up excited to go get my cup of coffee, pour it at 5:00 AM, and then come back up to my room, grab a journal, write some quick thoughts in the morning while I'm still trying to get my bearings on where I am.

And then I do some more intensive writing, which involves some scanning of my mind. And so it's my favorite thing to do in the world. I love coffee. It's not that I love the taste of coffee because the coffee I drink is dark. It's bitter. It's not that it's more the vibe. It is more about when I'm so low.

It just makes me think of that peaceful morning where no one can bother me and where I can just do my own thing. And I don't have to answer to anyone. I don't turn the phone on for an hour or two. Every morning, because I just liked being unbothered and unlocking parts of my mind that I can not, when these other things are going on before the hustle and bustle of the day really sets in.

So I love the morning and the coffee drinking solo is one of the biggest reasons why, but I've been having some issues lately. Uh, I'm developing some real addict tendencies here and I've always been pretty good at, uh, Not being an addict with it. One cup usually is what I go for. But kinda since March, it's been bleeding into two or it's been bleeding more into the afternoon, I'm usually just tried to limit it to the morning.

And only in the afternoon, if I'm like really under slept. The previous day, but I've been sleeping pretty well and sleeping well for me is like six and a half hours to seven and a half hours. That's my ideal amount of sleep. Eight, nine hours. Like some of you guys probably get a works for you. That just doesn't work for me.

That's too much sleep for me. So I like to be in that six and a half to seven. Our range, but lately, uh, my body has just been wanting coffee and been wanting caffeine, honestly, uh, at more hours of the day. And so it is starting to affect me. It's starting to, I'm getting this brain fog and I'm feeling it right now.

I'm talking to you right now. It's 9:00 PM on Sunday night and I am foggy. And this weekend I went into this weekend onset. Yeah. I was like, I'm not having coffee today. I'm not having coffee today. I cannot tell you the last time I didn't have coffee in a day. I was like, I need to break this habit. This can't be that hard.

I need to not be so reliant because I'm actually an addict now because DRB. I was staying at this weekend. I said to myself, I'm not drinking coffee. I'm not drinking coffee. I'm not packing it. I'm not worrying about the machines. I'm not going anywhere to get any. And then there was coffee in the Airbnb and I was like, fuck, I thought I was avoiding this.

And then I found myself asking the host, Hey dude, do you have a coffee maker around here? Do you have a French press? Do you have a, what? What he got? What he got, what he got? Uh, it's like, ah, actually I don't, but I can go get you some coffee. And I was like, perfect, great. I need it. Uh, I eventually ended up texting him and saying, no, forget the coffee run.

I'm trying to quit. Uh, like every addict says. And so I went the entire day without coffee all Saturday without coffee, but I was thinking about it and I couldn't form any coherent thoughts for so long, pretty much the entire day. And I slept seven and a half hours the night before, which is my max for sleep.

And I went hiking the entire day. And so I was pretty tired. So I get back at 6:00 PM or whenever, and I proceeded to take a two hour nap because I'm still just so tired and so out of it and still my brain is not there. I'm really not thinking I'm not that present. And I hated it. So basically I'm an addict.

And, uh, this morning I made sure to have a cup of coffee. And tomorrow morning when this episode is up, I'm going to be having my coffee as I put the finishing touches on it. So I'm an addict. I'm not happy about it, but. Hopefully you guys can support me on this journey. There's a lot worse things I could be addicted to.

So bear with me on that one, but, uh, this weekend, so. If you listen to my episode with Josh Rultenberg a couple of weeks ago who I used to intern for at channel 10 in Albany. A lot of you listened to that by the way, lost a lot of you watched it on YouTube on the trailer park, zoo channel. A lot of you really liked the podcast version of it.

So thank you for that. But in that beginning of that conversation, I asked Josh about that. Uh, some recommendations for Philadelphia, cause that's where he's born and raised. He loves the city. So I wanted to ask him about Philly because I was going to go there this weekend. I had already booked an Airbnb.

I booked a trip. I started making plans, getting excited, asking around I was going to get a Philly cheese steak, but then at some point last week, I was just saying to myself, you know, I'm not really feeling a big city right now. I'd gone to New York city a couple of weeks ago, NYC. Uh, I saw every, all the boroughs I went to Brooklyn.

I went to Queens, I went to Manhattan. I swung over to long island and it was just like, And I didn't feel like dealing with the transportation. I suck at driving through New Jersey. The train was long and it was expensive. I was like, I'm not feeling this, you know what, let me do the actual opposite and go into nature.

Let's get away from the city and go into nature. And so I started thinking about places that I had wanted to go, and I love the Catskill mountains. I'd only gone there once. Uh, I'd only hiked there once. It was a couple of summers ago, north, south lake was the summit and I absolutely loved that hike and I've been wanting to go back ever since.

So I said, you know what? All right, I'm going to the Catskill mountains. Okay. I'm going to spend the weekend in the Catskills. Airbnb. See what the deal is. A couple of deals come up the best one though. There's this listing for a van called big Jenny. It's literally listed as big Jenny. And I say. Catskills.

I've been meaning to do this #VanLife as all of you have seen on YouTube and on social media and on documentaries and on Tik TOK, whatever. Um, I was like #VanLife. Okay. This is something I got to do. Pulled up the photos of big Jenny it's refinished. It's got a nice four. It's got a sink. It's got what looks to be a solid bed, some decent lighting.

And it's just this van that is parked on. This property of the guy who owns it, the guy's name was Brian. He lives in the cabin. The van is right next to the cabin and you go and use his bathroom and his shower. And that was that. It was in Medusa, New York, never heard of it, but when I rolled up to Medusa, New York at the sign said, oh, welcome to historic moody.

And there was nothing to the town except for the fire station, but there was a really cool stream that was right next to big Jenny and the cabin. So I ended up getting to big Jenny on Friday night and stayed through Sunday morning and had a wonderful time. Uh, my dad came up on Friday night for a bit.

So he, we cooked dinner over the fire, uh, some sausage and some vegetables and all that good stuff. And we just hung out drinks with good beers at got a lot of IPA's for the weekend. Been trying out a whole bunch of different beers. Shout out to druthers. You guys make awesome beers. I've decided that down east siders, my favorite cider Willie super brew.

My favorite seltzer, shoutout to Nico Enriquez as had him on the pot a couple of months ago. Love the seltzer. So just a good time. Sitting around the fire talking and then the next night doing the same exact things, being there with my thoughts, listening to the sounds of the Creek being in front of the fire pitch dark, but the fire being the only thing illuminating it and just being one with nature, a true getaway, something I needed, I went hiking.

Uh, all day in the Catskills on Saturday, he hit a couple of different peaks and just came across all sorts of figures. One of them was kind of like a park ranger. She does this redheaded girl who I talked to for a while and one of the summits. And, uh, she said that she was 27. She looked like she was 18, but she was just climbing for the day.

She's in all this Parkland. Gear. She has a, like a bug net over her head as we're talking the whole time. And she ended up telling me her life story about how she quit her job in law. Decided, you know what I want to go save the planet, loves the outdoors and wants to go save the planet. So she just spends all her days hiking now and working for the state's department of conservation and energy or whatever it is.

Um, sorry, my brain is literal mush right now because I have only had one car yeah. Coffee today, which is a Testament to how bad this is. Uh, so bear with me and I just absolutely loved talking to people like that. And it's so funny whenever you're on a mountain every day. Is there no one like lives by these mountains, they have to come out of their way and they all have their own stories.

Right? Some people are married, they're single. Some people are, are hiking. They're solo where they're with a big group, everyone has their own stories. And so I just love discovering these people's stories as I, um, pass by them on the trails. And, uh, I dunno, it's something really special. So I love hiking because you know, you get to run into all sorts of people.

And, um, you know, even the guy who I, I rented the Airbnb from was another guy who would just kinda quit his corporate job. He quit his job in finance. He told me that he, the last straw for him was when his company sent him out to salt lake city in Utah. And he was like, I don't want to do this anymore. So we ended up racking up a huge expense bill on the company's done.

Cause he knew he was walking out the door and then he said, Sianora and he's originally from Tampa, Florida, but he decided, you know what, moving upstate New York, uh, I'm gonna get me a cabin and I'm gonna get this van and maybe I'll use it for van life or. Maybe not and ends up using it as an Airbnb, making a good little profit off people like me who want to go live in a van for a weekend.

So that was my weekend. I learned though, I'm not sure van life is for me. I think a lot of us toy with that idea and think that we could do it. And maybe some of you can, but I don't think it's for me, this is going to sound super privileged, of course, but I think I need consistent running water. I think I need to.

Be able to wash the dishes without having to worry about hitting my head on the top of the bus or have to worry about NATS getting in at all times. And, uh, I don't know. It sounds a lot better than it actually is, but kudos to you. If you feel like you can do it, I've. Toyed with the idea as a minimalist of living in a tiny home.

Not sure if I could do it, not ruling it out would like to experiment with it more. Maybe do like an Airbnb stay in a tiny home to see if it is something that I would want to do further on down the line. But I don't know if you guys have ever stayed in van, let me know. I'd love to talk more about it.

Cause I think it's a really fun experience. It's something that everyone should do, but I'd like to know. What you guys think, and if it's something that you guys think you can actually do. So that's, what's going on in my life. Portsmouth, New Hampshire moving there two weeks from today. So excited about it.

Starting to get jazzed up for all the documents have been signed. Things are being purchased, moves are being made. There's still a lot of exciting things happening on the job front that will make this move to new Heights. Even more exciting. I'm very much looking forward to it, to building a new life, getting a new star because as a lot of, you know, my life has been in limbo since last November, when all these crazy things.

No happens in, in my, in my professional life, that kind of threw it off course. And so I've been looking for some stability. I've been looking for my life to get back to homeostasis and I am just so looking forward to just being able to be on my own comfortably in a place that I chose, that I want to be in and that I can confidently say, I will be in for.

At, you know, at least a year. Gosh, I hope I make it a year. I haven't, I haven't had a good track record that recently did ditto for my extra remain. Amanda, who was on the pod last week again, do Jesse go check it out? Cause we talked about how our lives, uh, both. Love that, uh, both fell apart the late last year.

So, uh, yeah. Excited, excited for you guys to join me on the journey, excited to keep putting stuff out on the pot. I've got a good guests coming up this week. I've got blogs up on the tray. A new one is up today about why you should stop consuming the news every day. Go check it out over on the website.

I firmly believe that you don't need to be informed citizen. It's nice. You can make small talk. You can make conversation at the dinner table and all of that is great and it's good to know what's going on, but I truly believe that if something is important enough for you to know, you will find it. It will find you, someone will tell you someone will text you or you you'll see it when you walk by a store that has the TV on.

If something is big enough, that it concerns you, you will find out you don't need to get so bogged down. And so angered by the news every day. More often than not, it does not concern you or directly affect your life. So that's kind of the thesis of that piece. If you want to go check it out over on the website, Troy Farkas, YouTube channel.

Follow me on all the channels rate, review the show on apple podcasts. Follow us on Spotify. I personally love Spotify. I'll tell you why I love Spotify. Uh, but in a couple of weeks here, have a great week. Got another good guests coming up this week. I hope you have a great week that you work hard, that you do shit.

You love that you get out there, that you exercise, that you establish some good routines that you drink. Your coffee have like five cups on my behalf. That that'd be great. Have a great week coffee soon. Peace out.