June 7, 2021

some morning thoughts from Portland, Oregon.

some morning thoughts from Portland, Oregon.

From a hostel in Portland, I update y'all on my travels and then ask you, the loyal fans, some important questions about the podcast and what you want me to talk about going forward.

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peace and love.


Good morning everyone. Welcome into another episode of the Troy Farkas Show a podcast that is not about me. It is about all of us. The twenties are a crucial time in our lives. And on this show, we navigate the highs and lows of early adulthood together. Thank you for joining me. I'm coming to you live from the high Portland Northwest hostel on 18th avenue in Portland, Oregon.

And I got to say. This is one of the nicest hostels I have ever stayed in second, only to the yellow hostel and Rome, Italy, if you know, you know, but this one is really nice, much better than the one that I stayed at a couple of months ago in Colorado Springs. That one was kind of a dump on the side of the road.

But this one, I mean, we've got a fire pit. We've got a bar we've got complimentary breakfast. I'm gonna get some coffee, some locally sourced bagels from this year area. Uh, there's a little communal area. There's wifi throughout. There's only two people per bedroom. Sometimes there's four, sometimes there's eight.

Sometimes it's all male, all female, all mixed. If you know, you know, from that hostile lifestyle. But here I am just spent the weekend in. Redmond, Oregon, which is 20 minutes away from bend Oregon. And I had a good, good time with a loyal listener of the podcast. Previous guests of the podcast, Matt Woodworth showed me around Oregon, uh, drove me around Oregon.

We hiked up some mountains. In the old cascades, which is the dominant mountain range out here. Lots of good coffee, a lot of good beer hitting the local spots, went to downtown bend, which is really cool. The river bends walked around there. Got some good Mexican food. Shout out to Barrio, played some darts.

Played some pool, uh, and again, just good times. Good vibes, easygoing and, uh, saw a beautiful state. One of many beautiful states in this here, United States of America that I've been so grateful to see more and more of over the past few months, as I have just continued to, uh, get out there and get out of my comfort zone.

Book, flights, book buses, shuttles, don't care about the standards I listen, I'm young. I don't care. I don't care about the quality of service where I'm staying, whatever it gave me for me to be put a roof over my head. And I'm good. So I'm loving life out here and, uh, I really don't have any essay prepared today.

Uh, truth be told I've been so all over the place this week, as you know, I'm a creature of routine and habit, and I've had no semblance of any routines or habits just because I've been in. Arizona, California, Oregon, all within the last week. And I've been waking up in different places pretty much every single day.

So it's pretty impossible to have a routine. And I just, haven't been in front of my computer really or in front of anything to sit down and write because I've been with people and I don't want to be the rude guy, just, oh, I'm just going to go write for an hour and abandoned people that are so. Kindly giving me their time or shelter or food or whatever it is.

So apologies on that front. So I just kind of want to talk a little bit more today, uh, about my travels. So Oregon before that was in California. Now most of my mom's side, pretty much all of my mom's side actually lives in California. That's where my mom grew up. And I got to, um, spend some time mission VA ho, which is where or mission Dao Placentia area, where my aunts lives and uncle, and, uh, went to one of my favorite coffee shops ever.

Found out golden state coffee roasters was awesome. I also then went to Laguna beach with my cousins, Brett and Taylor. They are awesome. So glad that they're out here, loving life living their best lives, got to stay in their house for a couple of days. Work there. Explore Elisa VA went to San Clemente. I went to San Diego for an entire day, which was so much fun and chilling in the Seaport village, chillin and little Italy and the Gaslamp district.

Seeing Petco park where the San Diego Padres play. I got dinner, uh, and rode bikes around town with an old friend from Scotland Alexander Hernandez, who was back on the podcast early or in November. Great girl. Great times met her boyfriend. Shout out to you, Jeff. And thank you for driving me back. Uh, to San Clemente after I missed my train crazy story.

So, um, I was supposed to leave San Diego at 6:40 PM. I get to Alex's apartment at 4:45 PM. And we say that, okay, here's the plan for tonight? We're gonna take bikes from Alex's place. We're going to ride to the Seaport village, eat dinner, have a drink, ride back to Alex's place. And then I'll go to the train in my mind.

I'm thinking all of this is going to happen in two hours. I don't think so, but fuck it. Let's do it anyway. See what happens? Life is an adventure. And, uh, so we ride bikes. We get to a little brewery, a little Mexican joint, which was very good over in the Seaport village. And when we leave there, it's about six oh five and we still have to bike back to Alex's place, drop off the bikes and then go to the station, which is about a mile and a half from where she lives now.

When we get back to her place, she lives in a 54 floor apartment. She's on the 37th floor in my mind. I'm thinking, can we just drop the bikes off in the lobby? And you guys can deal with this 30 minutes from now because it's now six 20 when we're getting at your place and we have to go upstairs, drop the bikes off.

And then at this point, go, go get in the car and drive a mile and a half. And that is pushing it for a six 40 train. So. We go upstairs. We come back downstairs, we go over to the parking garage where the car is. We have to wait for all the doors to open up. And then once we get out into the road, the stoplights that we're hitting people, pedestrians or walking bikers.

And so we get to the station at six 40 on the dot and I am staring at my train. I bumped out, I jumped out of the car. I run, I sprint through the station and I am staring at the train, the Pacific. Highway train, which takes you all on the Pacific ocean. This would get me back from San Diego to San Juan Capistrano, uh, which is close to where I was staying.

And my cousin would pick me up there. I'm staring at the train and if I could just run straight to it, I can make it, I can hop on it, but. It is not that easy. I have to run around so that I can get to the little walkway that crosses over the tracks to the train and alas, I do that, and I know in my mind that it's going to leave without me, and there's not a much more helpless feeling in the world than running to a train.

A bus, a plane that is not going to stop for you no matter what you do, no matter how fast you run, no matter how much you scream to stop or slow down or wait for me. And so that was humbling. But luckily Alexandra and her boyfriend stayed around, were able to take me back to where I needed to go. So very grateful for that.

So. A lot of stuff has been going on. Thank you for continuing to rate, download, subscribe, review the podcast and listen. And it really makes me think because I, you know, I'm just, I'm thinking more about the future of the show. Uh, it is with sadness that I say that Kara who has been running a lot of the social media channels for the show, Instagram Tik TOK at the fray Parker show, uh, has had her last day.

She's she finished up last week. She's going off to Italy. Uh, for a month for school to study and just, you know, it didn't make sense for her to keep doing this cause need her to go live her best life to learn and the time difference. And it would make things difficult. So super grateful to Kara for all of the work that she did.

And now a lot of it falls back on me where, where we started and, uh, just hasn't really thinking about what I want the future of the show to be. And, um, you know, I, as I've told you all, I believe deeply and reflecting and. Gathering opinions. And then also just doing what, what is best in your heart? And, uh, I'm conflicted because I look at the data, right?

This is what podcast producers do. We look at the data to see, okay, what can we do better? What are the listeners liking? What are the listeners not liking? What should we be doing more of? And I can't help, but know. Do, do you guys like the two episodes a week? Would you just prefer one episode a week and, or even more?

So what I'm fascinated by is. The episodes where I talk just about me and not things that apply to everyone else or where I'm not giving advice to everyone else. Or if I'm talking to a guest, the episodes where I'm just talking about me, where I'm talking about my stories and my travels and my career and my interests and my hobbies and my loves, that stuff seems to do better, which is weird because I didn't want it to be that.

And I know it's, it's called the trade part of the show. I didn't want it to be that because I didn't want to. Be selfish or, or egotistical, or just, um, put my shit in your face all the time or whatever it is, because I thought I want to do this for you. And I don't want to just talk about me all the time, because that just feels very, very self-serving and not like it's helping anyone, but maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe it is helping other people. If I just talk about me and don't try to spin it toward you in some way. So. Uh, if you get what I'm saying, just let me know, hit me up. DME, I'm running all of the, all of the accounts, every single the way that you can interact with the show, you will be talking to me. I promise.

Let me know what you want. Do you want me to just talk about me? And then that way you guys can take away lessons from my life and my thoughts and my decisions and. My travels and my career. And you can take away my thoughts from those things and then apply to your life. Or do you want me to speak? Not about me, not invoke my situations and experiences and just focus on you and bring other people's stories to you.

Let me know, hit me up. 70 a pigeon messaged me. DM may text me. I deleted my Twitter. So you can't tweet me, but you know, the deal, you know how to get in contact with me. So let me know. That's a, that's, what's going through my mind. That's because I'm just constantly evaluating my life and my interest, and I've got some more job stuff coming up here.

So my time is really, um, No, it really stretched in, and I want to make sure that it's going to the right places because I ultimately want to serve you guys. And, uh, cause I do it for you. So let me know, let me know what you think. And uh, we'll keep doing this cause I love doing the podcast that, of course that's not going anywhere.

Just, just trying to figure out the best formula, you know? Um, so that's, that's my thoughts there. Portland Oregon. Good place to be. Can't wait to explore it for the next two days. And then I'm going back to the Northeast later this week, flying back to Boston late Tuesday night, overnight flight. And then I'm going to hang out again in Boston, in Somerville with  and crew.

Then I'm going to go off to the white mountains in New Hampshire. And I'm really excited for that. And then from then on who the fuck knows where I'll be, but I know it will be exciting. So thank you all for listening. I got a really good conversation coming up on Thursday with a very young CEO guy who was on shark tank.

A couple of years back, I think you were really like it's, you will be inspired by his story. And, um, so that's coming up later in the week, but until then have a great week, have some good coffee this week. Y'all establish some routines because I'm jealous of you. It's so important. Eat some oatmeal on my behalf.

Maybe a little peanut butter, two spoonfuls of peanut butter. That's kind of my preference, but get outside, go for some walks, go for some runs, get some lifting sessions in whatever it is that it's freaking you out this week, whatever it is, that's scary. You, you can do this, you can get over it, conquer your fear fears, get outside your comfort zone.

And as you're doing so just be kind. Love people and, uh, everything will work out for you. I promise. So have a great weekend. I'll talk to you.