April 26, 2021

why you have to keep an open mind.

We can't stay stuck in our old ways. On today's episode, Troy explains why, as young people, we must constantly challenge the status quo.

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Today's quote: "In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart." - Anne Frank

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Today's essay: 

The best asset we have is our age.

Not because of our fast metabolisms or low deductibles (although those help), but rather because our still-developing brains can accommodate more. More information. More unique ideas and new ways to perceive everyday life.

Our brains are malleable. We’re still formulating beliefs and building habits, still deciding who we are.

And it’s a luxury to not have decades of experience doing one thing one way every time. As they say in business:  “Adapt or die.”

Blockbuster and Netflix tried solving the same problem. Stubbornness doomed one company, and flexibility and a willingness to change created one of the most powerful companies in modern times.

Our openness lets us create all the good change happening in the world. Progress in the areas of social justice reform, more work/life balance and mental health awareness is made because of our willingness to challenge the status quo.

That’s why we must always -- even as we make way for the next wave of world-changers-- remain committed to learning. Education doesn’t stop when we get a diploma.

So we keep an open mind. As unfamiliar terms pop up, words like “blockchain” or “Ethereum,” we can’t look past them. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Change is coming. We can run from it, or we can embrace it.

Those older than us? They don’t like change. They’re afraid of it. They prefer the good ol’ days.

But as a young person, if you’re not embracing change every day, if you’re not learning, if you’re not testing your limits, if you're not seeking out new information, then you’ll fall behind, just like them.

This is our greatest asset.

And you have two choices.


Or die.

peace and love.